Monday, January 11, 2010

Mail to me your love


So first off Mary sent me theseeeeeeeeee.

MOAR PINK EVERYWHERE AHHH. Bag is so bright and beautiful and I love the little white bow!!

And haha my little pony coloring book XD I love my little pony AND coloring books!!! I will never grow up :I I refuse.

And she sent me ADORABLE umbrella necklace she designed!!!! ahhh I love how its cut and I AM WEARING IT RIGHT NAO. And more lovely sushi memopad *___* *eats*

And and a really cute Barbie toy XD Its so cute!! SHES A MERMAID!

god a very adorable retro keychain! LOOK AT THEM CUTE FACES!

AND NOW ONTO ASHU GIFTS This box was full of amazing wonders. I fell in and got lost and omg.

LOOK AT ALL THIS PINK AHHHHHH. how...did she know?

So much sculpey *__* I'm going to make CAKES!! A my little pony ;o; ahh I have a blue one. I WILL ADD IT TO MY COLLECTION!!! And beautiful BRIGHT AND COLORFUL SCARVESSSS my god I love the colors ;-; the purply one is so awesome cuz its different colors and I could even wear it with the pink scarf TOGETHER and have scarf babies! COLOR EXPLOSION. I think I've had too much coffee today *__* That and gifts in the mail make me SUPER HAPPY. in my pants.

Thread and a gel pen and ADORABLE little post it notes. a comb to brush out my nap. Some sculpey glaze yey! Its even wrapped in a bow! And it all came inside a cute little pink stocking!!! I love it hardcore!

OK this is my favorite gift. Its so cute that she painted me a bow on canvas and then wrote a lovely thing on the back confessing her love to me. I was all *TEARS* It was so sweet.

all in all holy shit I made out like a bandit this Christmas *____* Thank you my dear friends. I love you more than internet hearts can say!!!

And one picture for the road!!!

OH EDIT ashu gave me my little pony book xD not maru! But its all good in the hood.



Rami said...

such nice gifts! and they're all up your alley (with the pink and ponies n' such) XD.

let's face it, receiving is way better than giving <__<; or am I the only selfish bastard here, aha.

and that last picture is cute! keep 'em comin.

JJacks said...

Those are some awesome gifts. It just shows how much people love you. XD