Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Im sleep time for sleep

I'm so sleepy! So I'm probably going to bed soon. I had to reformat my computer because evil malware invaded,raped and pillaged the poor thing. So of course I had to reinstall everything. I downloaded the newest version of AIM and it has a twitter feed....I just...twitter is my life D: I have problems!

When I go down to visit so cal I want to try this place: It looks AMAZING. igghghsss.

Anyway here is a necklace design. I just love unicorns and the like. I want the jewelry for myself too haha!

And here is just a little princess!


Anonymous said...

Hey love your blog, love your art, love everything you do. thanks for inspiring me.

K. Van Dam said...

Aaa such a cute pony face and SUCH a lovely little floaty girl. She has such a sweet face <3 Your stuff always makes me wanna be super girly so hard, whatever that means XD Glitter and sparkles are involved for sure~

marzipanapple said...

I'm such a sucker for big luxurious hairs. And sweet cotton candy colors. *3* ¡Delicioso!

acrylicana said...

I am SO in love with your unicorn.
Oh, zamzam, I hope these next manufacturers work out wonderfully, so we can hawk your fantastic unicorn jewelry at fanime :) it WILL happen :)