Sunday, January 10, 2010

I left my heart in San Francisco

Yesterday I got to hang with one of my favorite people: MSH and she was supersweetandadorable and we walked around and stared at things and gave each other gifts and ate delicious foods! And because she is just so awesome we got to roam in san fran at night and got to see all the pretty lights and buildings! It was magicalll.

She brought me stickers (my weakness) and they are SO FUCKING CUTE and thoughtful!!! How did she know I like cupcakes and kitties???

and this adorable cell phone charm with a RAMMMmm. Its so fat and adorable! Its also a whistle!

And she got my bf this: (hes mooning you ;D)

Look at how pretty it is at nighttimes!!!

And then I spotted this inside a store near there and was like :O HEY I KNOW THESE ARTEETS hohoho! btw this store had TONS of adorable things inside. I wanted to swallow it whole.

And while we were in Kinokuniya I saw that they had a new kitty book out...and not just any kitty book. A BOOK ABOUT MY FAVORITE INTERNET CAT MARU!!!!! I love Maru ;; JUST LOOK AT THE CUTE THINGS HE DOES.

I'm so sad I could not buy his book. They also had an adorable Mameshiba FOOD book ;o; with tons of pictures with mameshiba made from food! Like little rice balls and meat and all sorts of things where you're like this is so cute how can I eat it??? But you put it in your mouth anyway cuz you can't help yourself!!!

And I am hungry and have a billion things to do today so I am OFF but I leave you with a picture of YES Juliette...sometimes she wears a wig! She is a babycakes. xoxoxo


acrylicana said...

Everything is just SO cute and FUN! :D
and OH! I know those skins too!
HOW exciting :) (i saved the pic, btw and have stolen it).

OH juliette looks so cute ;) <3 her.
Make a juliette book, ok? Ok! :D

Chiaki Hirai said...

Caaaaat >:3

also, why couldn't you get the book?

Studio Cutecake said...

because I shouldn't spend money :( sobbbb

K.A.R.E ink said...

OOoooo everything is super cute!!

I have that miss kika skin but for my nano.

msh said...

ahh U BEAT ME im ttly going to blog entry too tho mine wont have amaze sf nighttime pix wwww.
&ofmgn maru i want one ;---; his tail is such poff ahh. ILUU ty for reveling the wonder that is sweetpotat fries is new goal food *mm*

ALSO juliette is su prett w/DRILL HAIRS i lav her color scheme and leggigs!