Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shrinkle dress me up

Sooooo I'm a huge fan of Shrinkle and I wanted to make her something special for her birthday which was this last April xD But anyway I got it done last friday and I'm posting it now! :)

I had a lot of fun making this and discovered that its much easier now to make dress up dolls in Flash8! I even made a tutorial here: I hope you all enjoy :)

Most of the clothes are her creations except for most of the leg items and shoes. The jewelry and most of the hair accessories are things she actually owns and wears! Don't worry about miss matching any outfit! Just have fun : )

Also I might have a Juliette doll soon but I'm not sure. It all depends on if I get side tracked or not. I already sketched out a bunch of outfits tho!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Everyone should watch Komaneko! Its so adorable. If anyone wants to recommend me anything else like this I would love you forever! I love stop motion animation and little shorts with wholesome cute stories!

Also I hope no one thought I was whining about not getting comments on my last journal! I was just saying that some of the people that comment know me before my blog and know me already! So those facts probably weren't any new news to them hehe! :)

I'm going to LA probably on the 9th! I'm very excited because my mom will be able to drive us to all our favorite places and I might go to Disneyland. I mean I can't really afford it but if I don't go see World of color I might have to kill someone 8D !!

ANYWAYS! I should have a dress up doll I made for my friend up sometime next week! :) I'm very proud of it and I hope my friend loves it!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A little about Zammie

I wanted to make an entry talking more about ME! I know its what you've alwayysss wanted! Actually most people that read this blog (or at least the people that comment) already know enough about me! But I thought I'd take this chance to just talk about some random facts about myself for anyone who doesn't know me :)

1. I am super sensitive to smells and textures which makes it incredibly hard to eat a lot of the time! Even eating cheese or cream (which I LOVE)makes my throat want to gag!
2. I'm incredibly irritable most of the time and feel like a cranky old man. I'm sure this is due to my diet as my brain always feels kinda fuzzy. I'm trying my best to eat better tho.
3. While I love all animals I am especially sensitive to sad cat stories. If anyones cat dies I usually can't read about it without getting horribly emotional. Its sad when anyones animal dies but kitties D: agh! I'd say that I love cats and dogs the same but I sympathize with? cats more. I hate that a lot of people don't like cats or HATE cats. And thats probably why I feel so sensitive about kitties. I want to adopt all of them and give them good homes :(
4. I'm the kind of people (person?) that is out of sight out of mind so most world issues or political issues aren't as important to me as they are to others. Not saying I don't feel issues are important but I usually don't like talking about them at any length. People are touchy with these subjects and I hate getting into debates with people. Especially people with different views than me such as hating gay people or people who are into religion. I also just don't like feeling sick to my stomach.
5. I am agnostic. As long as you respect the way I feel and don't try to shove your beliefs on me I can respect you!
6. I'm incredibly insecure when it comes to certain people liking me. When I like someone I want them to like me back terribly. I don't care when it comes to anyone else.
7. I don't like 99 percent of the population :\ Which makes it super hard for me to find and keep friends. I feel like the people I DO end up genuinely liking live fucking forever away or have issues keeping in touch with me which makes me feel totally unloved lol! Refer to # 6!
8. I hate people who read things about me and don't take the time to ask what I really mean before they decide to hate me or leave me annoying comments that just assume I'm being horrible or stupid.
9. I am more offended by people who act stupid by not reading or leave silly,cute comments thinking they are clever than people who just leave me mean comments in general. Mean comments do not offend me or hurt my feelings in the slightest but people who say stupid things get on my fucking last nerve.
10. I cuss a lot! I wish everyone did. They are just words! ;) and fun words!

And here is a treasury I made on Etsy~!


Sunday, June 13, 2010


Lord I have been busy. I just finished my Slipshine pages and now I have to work on other stuff. I got commissioned to do a dress up doll and I get to design everything so I'm having fun :) I can't wait to show you guys!

Recently I bought a new hair straightener (An Infrashine)and I'll show you what it can do :3

It also curls which I have done too! I like making my tips wavy :D

I bought a little mirror from Walmart cuz I wanted to be able to see better when I put eyeshadow on (cuz I'm blind without my glasses) And I decorated it with bows xD One side is normal and the other is zoomed in.

lookie lookie!

Did my nails again :) Always wanted to take a pic like this xD

And Oniko-chan was really sweet and sent me a cute Toradora button! I love Taiga :3

You should visit her page! She makes super cute things!!

If I had all the money in the world I would design my own house. I would just love to have really amazing custom things! So I've been doodling things I would love to have in my home someday :)

1. One of these cool chairs! I don't know what they are called!
2. Unicorn book ends!!
3. Bow tattoo on my wrist :D
4. Heart shaped mirror with frilly fabric/lace on the edges and bow!
5. Pink curtains with lace trim
6. ME
7. Ornate picture frames! Black c:
8. Cute lil bow sandals!

1. Custom built shelf with doors. I'll hide my figurines inside :D
3. CUBBY BED OMG I NEED ONE. I want somewhere to be cozy!
4. Awesome bed with picture frames as a headboard with maybe a set of zodiac drawings from an artist I like! :3

Some of these things I've found on Tumblr! I'm too lazy to link them all but you can visit my tumblr and see for yourself :)

And my friend Ashy bought me some stuff INCLUDING A REALLY AWESOME PAINT IT YOURSELF MY LITTLE PONY OMGGG I have NO idea what I'm going to do with it ;o; IT PROBABLY INVOLVES PINK THO! AND BOWS

So thoughtful THANK YOU ASHY!!!!! I'm totally going to use the hell out of the hello kitty notepad because I'm always making lists! and yey more pink nail polish :D

Then today I was leaving my apartment and noticed these guys were selling AN ADORABLE couch for only 10 bucks :D So I quickly ran off to the store to buy a black sheet cover and a HOT PINK FLUFFY PILLOW FOR IT! I'm so happy <3 Now I have a couch both my boyfriend and I can sit on :3 TOGETHER AWWW But I couldn't get a good shot :\ Also I need to iron on the sheet! So crinkly!

And I found some AMAZING lace on etsy!!! I'm going to dye it hot pink and then make a skirt or something!

Alright well thats it! Thanks for looking :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nails nails nails!!!

k so this girl I subscribe to on youtube had this is one of her videos! >3< I got so excited because as soon as I saw her tutorial I was all OMGGGG I NEED TO TRY THISSS AHHHHhhh. So I went to this website: and bought starter stuff D: OH HOW GIRLY I HAVE BECOME!!!

Anyway I bought this:

Plate with cute lace designs

The stamper that you stamp your nails with! Its double sided yey!

Their special polish that you use to stamp your nails!

And some adorable bow stickers XD for my nails!!

And this is what I did to my nails :3 yey!

Not perfect but thats ok! This was super fun XD It was kind of annoying at first because I didnt understand why the polish wasn't sticking to the stamper D: But you just have to stamp down hard BUT lift up pretty damn fast. And then it was easy!! I love it xD

and here is a video tutorial!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eye shadows and boxes and a hair bow

Harrouuuuu peeps! Just a small update to show off these new boxes I bought to send off my Etsy merch when people buy things from me. I bought some pretty stamps from michaels and decorated them!

Then I have one pic of Juliette I started around Easter and then never got around to finishing it until now!

And just some cam whore pics of me dolled up. I wanted to try out my new eye shadow brush so I put on some Sugarpill! Done with pinks and blues! (Decora, Dollipop, afterparty And lumi which is white and sparkly but my camera never picks it up! :(

And I made a bow! Its available on Etsy:

So I took a couple pics with me wearing it!

well these were to show off my eyes! More Sugarpill! Using "sterling"

And thats about it!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Post Fanime

Fanime was fun! (Except for a couple things) but I won't go into that haha. Also we had some noisy neighbors a couple of the nights. One night I called security and the other I didn't bother because I was too tired. But one night some peeps were totally sexing each other for HOURS.

My room! We stayed at the Fairmont because we realized the hotel reg was open a little too late and couldn't get reservations at the Hilton :( Its a nice hotel just expensive >_> Plus no free internet :\ Unless you sign up for some dumb shit which I eventually did.

Anyway here are pics of our room! The bathroom is my favorite part because it comes with a cute vanity.

The view!

The pool area: (it was too cold to swim. Plus no time!


Here is a pic of my booth :) All the people that came by were really nice! Except for the few who were pretty unfriendly and didn't smile even when I was being super friendly with them. But whatev!

Lots of cute people came by so I forced them to let me take photos of them :]
Triana :D

Kanji from Persona4!

A super sexy Velvet from Odins Sphere *o*

Maetel :D

Trucy from Ace attorney :D

haha Ema eating some Snackoos!!!

Sexy Mai! *3*

ok now these 2 girls were the cutest girls at the con. I mean seriously. They were so little and so stylish! I kept noticing all the decorations all over them. Like rings and hair bows! They bought all 4 of my bow rings too!! :D

And my boss from the art staff (thats why I go to Fanime. I get a free table and admission for drawing for them) Anyway my boss is Amanda: And she was kind enough to buy my favorite skirt and matching bag :D So I took a pic of her in it! I'm glad it fit her!!! And I'm glad it has a new home!!!!! THANKS AMANDA!!

I also took a pic of a really nice girl that kept stopping by my booth and bought some of my rings! :3

And some adorable Lolitas :)

This girl was wearing the dress I wanted from Baby the stars shine bright ;__; SO JEALOUS. Her friend got it for 80!!!!!!! And isn't she cute???!!!

I made my friend Brittany wear a top I made but I'm sad because I forgot all about the bow on the chest. I kept thinking ITS MISSING SOMETHING. And then I remembered xD Anyway she still looks cute in it :D

We also took some Purikura together! :D

She bought this SUPER FUCKING SEXY Velvet figure so I took pics of it >_> Its so detailed and beautiful! I would have bought it too but it was 80 bucks D:

I got a cute Lum instead :D

And this is all the stuff I ate during the weekend!

When I stayed in San fran for my birthday in April I ate at this sushi place and have been craving something just as delicious ever since. So we found this place in San Jose called Smile Sushi and it was SOOOOOOOO GOOOOD. We went there twice XD

The lighting in there was awful but the decorations were cute!

There was a cute manhole outside with a bow on it so I had to take a pic! :D

Of course we had to eat at Pizza my heart :D
pepperoni is my favorite! I know how boring haha!

And my boyfriend got one with gorgonzola,apples,bacon,sausage, and green onions!

And I really wanted a cute pastry so we went to this place thats by our hotel. But I got the cheesecake and it was terrible :\ so I had to throw it away.

I got a Tira misu to replace it. Which was better. Still not glorious but better!

My boyfriend got the Napoleon!

Then I went out to dinner with some awesome people to this REALLY expensive steak house and I just ordered and appetizer! It was shrimp in some yummy sauce. Everyone around me was nice and shared their food with me tho :) Thats the quickest way to my heart!!!

THE ONE SAD THING ABOUT FANIME WAS THAT MARY WASNT THERE WITH ME. BUT SOMEDAY we will be able to harass and giggle with each other in person :)

Now all the money I made will be going to my credit card bill and the new monitor I just bought because my old one died on me TODAY :\ *sob*