Sunday, June 13, 2010


Lord I have been busy. I just finished my Slipshine pages and now I have to work on other stuff. I got commissioned to do a dress up doll and I get to design everything so I'm having fun :) I can't wait to show you guys!

Recently I bought a new hair straightener (An Infrashine)and I'll show you what it can do :3

It also curls which I have done too! I like making my tips wavy :D

I bought a little mirror from Walmart cuz I wanted to be able to see better when I put eyeshadow on (cuz I'm blind without my glasses) And I decorated it with bows xD One side is normal and the other is zoomed in.

lookie lookie!

Did my nails again :) Always wanted to take a pic like this xD

And Oniko-chan was really sweet and sent me a cute Toradora button! I love Taiga :3

You should visit her page! She makes super cute things!!

If I had all the money in the world I would design my own house. I would just love to have really amazing custom things! So I've been doodling things I would love to have in my home someday :)

1. One of these cool chairs! I don't know what they are called!
2. Unicorn book ends!!
3. Bow tattoo on my wrist :D
4. Heart shaped mirror with frilly fabric/lace on the edges and bow!
5. Pink curtains with lace trim
6. ME
7. Ornate picture frames! Black c:
8. Cute lil bow sandals!

1. Custom built shelf with doors. I'll hide my figurines inside :D
3. CUBBY BED OMG I NEED ONE. I want somewhere to be cozy!
4. Awesome bed with picture frames as a headboard with maybe a set of zodiac drawings from an artist I like! :3

Some of these things I've found on Tumblr! I'm too lazy to link them all but you can visit my tumblr and see for yourself :)

And my friend Ashy bought me some stuff INCLUDING A REALLY AWESOME PAINT IT YOURSELF MY LITTLE PONY OMGGG I have NO idea what I'm going to do with it ;o; IT PROBABLY INVOLVES PINK THO! AND BOWS

So thoughtful THANK YOU ASHY!!!!! I'm totally going to use the hell out of the hello kitty notepad because I'm always making lists! and yey more pink nail polish :D

Then today I was leaving my apartment and noticed these guys were selling AN ADORABLE couch for only 10 bucks :D So I quickly ran off to the store to buy a black sheet cover and a HOT PINK FLUFFY PILLOW FOR IT! I'm so happy <3 Now I have a couch both my boyfriend and I can sit on :3 TOGETHER AWWW But I couldn't get a good shot :\ Also I need to iron on the sheet! So crinkly!

And I found some AMAZING lace on etsy!!! I'm going to dye it hot pink and then make a skirt or something!

Alright well thats it! Thanks for looking :)