Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nails nails nails!!!

k so this girl I subscribe to on youtube had this is one of her videos! >3< I got so excited because as soon as I saw her tutorial I was all OMGGGG I NEED TO TRY THISSS AHHHHhhh. So I went to this website: and bought starter stuff D: OH HOW GIRLY I HAVE BECOME!!!

Anyway I bought this:

Plate with cute lace designs

The stamper that you stamp your nails with! Its double sided yey!

Their special polish that you use to stamp your nails!

And some adorable bow stickers XD for my nails!!

And this is what I did to my nails :3 yey!

Not perfect but thats ok! This was super fun XD It was kind of annoying at first because I didnt understand why the polish wasn't sticking to the stamper D: But you just have to stamp down hard BUT lift up pretty damn fast. And then it was easy!! I love it xD

and here is a video tutorial!