Saturday, June 26, 2010


Everyone should watch Komaneko! Its so adorable. If anyone wants to recommend me anything else like this I would love you forever! I love stop motion animation and little shorts with wholesome cute stories!

Also I hope no one thought I was whining about not getting comments on my last journal! I was just saying that some of the people that comment know me before my blog and know me already! So those facts probably weren't any new news to them hehe! :)

I'm going to LA probably on the 9th! I'm very excited because my mom will be able to drive us to all our favorite places and I might go to Disneyland. I mean I can't really afford it but if I don't go see World of color I might have to kill someone 8D !!

ANYWAYS! I should have a dress up doll I made for my friend up sometime next week! :) I'm very proud of it and I hope my friend loves it!