Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A little about Zammie

I wanted to make an entry talking more about ME! I know its what you've alwayysss wanted! Actually most people that read this blog (or at least the people that comment) already know enough about me! But I thought I'd take this chance to just talk about some random facts about myself for anyone who doesn't know me :)

1. I am super sensitive to smells and textures which makes it incredibly hard to eat a lot of the time! Even eating cheese or cream (which I LOVE)makes my throat want to gag!
2. I'm incredibly irritable most of the time and feel like a cranky old man. I'm sure this is due to my diet as my brain always feels kinda fuzzy. I'm trying my best to eat better tho.
3. While I love all animals I am especially sensitive to sad cat stories. If anyones cat dies I usually can't read about it without getting horribly emotional. Its sad when anyones animal dies but kitties D: agh! I'd say that I love cats and dogs the same but I sympathize with? cats more. I hate that a lot of people don't like cats or HATE cats. And thats probably why I feel so sensitive about kitties. I want to adopt all of them and give them good homes :(
4. I'm the kind of people (person?) that is out of sight out of mind so most world issues or political issues aren't as important to me as they are to others. Not saying I don't feel issues are important but I usually don't like talking about them at any length. People are touchy with these subjects and I hate getting into debates with people. Especially people with different views than me such as hating gay people or people who are into religion. I also just don't like feeling sick to my stomach.
5. I am agnostic. As long as you respect the way I feel and don't try to shove your beliefs on me I can respect you!
6. I'm incredibly insecure when it comes to certain people liking me. When I like someone I want them to like me back terribly. I don't care when it comes to anyone else.
7. I don't like 99 percent of the population :\ Which makes it super hard for me to find and keep friends. I feel like the people I DO end up genuinely liking live fucking forever away or have issues keeping in touch with me which makes me feel totally unloved lol! Refer to # 6!
8. I hate people who read things about me and don't take the time to ask what I really mean before they decide to hate me or leave me annoying comments that just assume I'm being horrible or stupid.
9. I am more offended by people who act stupid by not reading or leave silly,cute comments thinking they are clever than people who just leave me mean comments in general. Mean comments do not offend me or hurt my feelings in the slightest but people who say stupid things get on my fucking last nerve.
10. I cuss a lot! I wish everyone did. They are just words! ;) and fun words!

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