Monday, October 11, 2010

Unicorn dreams & Halloween

Recently I made a bunch of fashion designs. I'm really happy with how they came out! I hope you like them too :) This is also another thing I want badly to happen. It probably won't unless I get picked up or something. I don't have enough love for sewing to even make 25% of this happen. Plus most of this fabric doesn't even exist. And I'm not going to paint fabric because I think it looks tacky. Anyway! I'm glad I got this out of my system: Click on the image to make bigger!

I ordered more charms too! These are what got picked. Most people seemed to like these 4 best. I can't wait to get them!

I'm also thinking about applying to go to Renegade craft fair in San Francisco in December but I need to turn in my application + 300 dollars before the 29th of this month. HURRRR we'll see how that goes. I might not even get accepted!

Too many things to do this month! If I could have anything right now I would want to go to Disneyland for Halloween. I want it so badly. I bought a fake pumpkin to carve from Michaels :) Still not sure what to make it look like!

But look at this amazing pumpkin via tumblr :D

A little while ago I bought this cute doll! They have them at Walmart and Target. Shes my favorite. She actually has a hairstyle I HATE but shes cute anyway haha! I need to make cute clothes for her soon too.

Target had a cute display! Sorry for my bad phone camera quality!

They also had these cute dolls. They're from one of the new Barbie movies.

haha I think I want this to be my Halloween outfit ;D so silly!

Also cute things I saw at Michaels! I would love to have them but have no where to put them! Also they cost a lot!

I need this sign ;D

CUTEEEEEE xD wakawakawakawaka

I want this shirt because it looks like Gnocchi in a pumpkin :) !

I love Halloween! Its my favorite :)

And because I LOVE YOU BLOGGIES SO MUCH you get to see my Halloween pic first! ;D xoxoxoxoxoxo

Oh and I also wanted to show these off! My friend Mary made them for her site :) aren't they adorable???

ANDDDDDDDDD my boyfriend made me this Icon XD I love it so much!

I hope you all have a good month!