Saturday, October 16, 2010

Collab and hair

Recently Sporkii and I did a collab together :D I did the lines and she did the colors! Shes sooooo good *__* so soft and such pretty colors!

I also did another picture of the ever so adorable San! Shes just so cute :D

Then I made a website layout I might use. I always do this and then end up not doing anything with it. But I'd like to have a site off of Etsy with my stuff. I have to figure out cart stuff though. But heres what it looks like:

I'm in the process of trying to dye my hair more pink so I can do it myself. But bleach doesn't like me :\ I bleached it twice and used toner and its just a mess. I have too much hair and I didn't have enough bleach. BOTH TIMES. I got more the second time and it still wasn't enough. So I'm going to have to go and get it fixed professionally. booooo. Oh well. live and learn. And cry. I actually wouldn't hate it so much if my eyebrows weren't BLACK. ugh it looks so fucking gross. The pictures don't show how awful everything looks honestly. You can't see the parts of my hair that are dyed uneven. And I don't mean like that I have 4 different colors in my hair. I mean like my roots are brown and then following my hair down it turns white and then yellow. Bad dye job is bad! And my eyebrows look lighter than they do in person. Anyway :I I won't be able to dye it pink until I get the yellow out and make everything look even. bleh~ I'm amazed my hair wasn't too damaged tho. So thats nice!

Anyway! I also made a ton of new stuff for my etsy shop and I'll be updating it throughout the week! So keep a look out! :D

Go here:

Thanks for looking! :)