Thursday, October 28, 2010

Msh, Tsushimamire and Peelander Z

Msh came over on Wednesday and we met up at Tanto In San Jose and had delicious things and then went to see Tsushimamire & Peelander Z in concert. It was a really cute little club with red romantic lighting. I never remember to bring ear plugs so I went deaf lol. But both bands were very enjoyable live. Tsushimamire was super cute Mari (the lead singer) would talk to us in english and say funny things.

Took a quick pic of me while I was in the car on the way to Sanjo.

San Pedro Square


scary clown :(

*From left to right: Yayoi: bassist,Mizue: drummer and Mari: guitarist/vocalist

Pics from their Myspace:

Yayoi was so sexy on stage and kept giving the audience sexy eyes ( I pretended they were sexy eyes for me ) And she would do high kicks in the air *_*

Here are a couple hilarious songs by them:

Grandmas boobs!

Powerpuff girls song:

The concert we went to :) haha the club is called BLANK club. Also did I mention this concert was FREE? coooooolio. Just look at how sexy Yayoi is!!!

*And then there was Peelander Z. Probably the goofiest band ever. They were really fun and cute. Also dress amazingly hahaha. I want to draw girl versions of Peelander yellow, red and green! Peelander yellow was awesome and talked to us a lot and got the audience involved. But like not in an annoying way like most bands do. Instead they did really goofy shit like held out rope and made everyone do the limbo and then gave out pots and pans so everyone could hit them to make music! So silly! They also bowled with one of the members in a bowling pin suit and yea. It was pretty hilarious.



They really wanted to have fun with the audience but kept doing things to make the ushers mad XD

*Near the end of the concert I saw Mari sitting at the bar watching Peelander Z and looked at her cute black bag she had with hearts and said it was very cute and she was all "oh thank you!" I pointed to the hearts and was like "I like the hearts!" And she was all "its fuzzy too!" and touched and patted it. (So I did too) And was like "oh yeaaa!"

I inadvertently touched Mari >:O I can never wash my hand again.

Everyone from both bands kept walking around the club within 2 inches of me. It was so cool *u*

So the concert was great. Except for the mosh pit. I hate people that mosh pit. I want to stab them in the eye.

*Then we headed back and played some smash brothers and some Kirby epic yarn. (Which is awesome btw)

Then we slept and slept and woke up the next day and got some tacos from this place round the corner. I need to take pics from there sometime. Its soooo good! And they have the best fish tacos *___*

And when we got back we made CUPCAKES. so cute! I like how Msh frosted hers! With a little of the edge of the cupcake still showing! :D And she sprinkled on the sprinkles right in the middle! I would have just thrown them on everywhere haha...

Pretty lil cupcake:

And we didn't really have time to doodle so I drew msh a thing here instead :)

I'm so happy she came to visit me and drove many many many many hours to come to see me and my cats! Gnocchi bonded with her quickly. Lucky bonds with no one.

I need more Msh in my life! Shes so cute and easy going and fun! :D

Our next date will have to be at the cheese shop in Berkeley!

And then I drew Twin stars for miss Lizzypoo :) I'm sorry if Kiki is a boy? I just did what my instincts told me to haha O: Also his name is Kiki....

Shes going to have art pieces in Sanrio's 50th anniversary event in La. Its from November 12th to the 21st. I don't know any more details about the event but heres Sanrios website Info:

Thanks for reading lovely people!