Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bloomers and banners

I recently did a trade with lovely Geerte from Livejournal :) (love that name) I've been a stalker for a couple of years and saw that she made some bloomers so I asked if I could get a pair in my size!

She was so nice and made them so fast too! They are so beautifully made!! *___* They fit perfectly and have beautiful lace around the legs. I love them sooo much! I need to lose some weight so my gut doesn't hang out so much when I wear them:[ I did my best to take a pic with them on tho!

She also sent this pretty headband with it :D it has a cute Owl!

Banner I did for her:

Anyway she makes beautiful things! These are my favorites from her shop! Sadly all of these are sold! But man they're amazing!

She also takes beautiful pictures of food and other things. Her journal is eye candy! I feel like I'm sitting on a quiet bench near a lake with lots of trees when I view her journal. Its just so pretty and peaceful!

Anyway you should all check out her journal:
and her Etsy shop:

Also my mom and I did a collab. She wanted to make something for her friends baby. I'm surprised it came out like this because our tastes in color etc are completely different. I like it!