Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My childhood

So my My Little Ponies and legos and whatnot moved with me wherever I went but for some reason I had left some of my VERY favorite toys at my aunt's house. So this last weekend I asked her to let me look through the boxes she saved for me and I FOUND WONDERS UPON WONDERSSSSS!!

K so first I had been pining for my original Mini Whinnies and tiny My Little Ponies forever so you have NO IDEA how happy it made me to find them finally! I hoped and hoped they'd still be at my aunts house and I was so glad they were still there!! And they are in pretty damn decent condition too!!!

I love these all so much!! ;_; They have little horseshoes on the bottom of them that you use to turn little switches or to just place them on play sets so they don't fall over!

Poor white one got dirty!

The only bad thing about Mini Whinnies is that some of the legs bend weird so they don't stand right and just fall over. I'll have to fix them somehow!

And these adorable little dinosaurs too :) I used to play with them so much! They are squishy!

Something happened to poor little AMPU-T-rex. hurhurhur

I forgot I had this spotty dottie bag! :)

Why its built this way? I'll never know!!

A little silo :) I'll probably put things inside like crafts maybe?

So I'm not sure what the name is to these toys and the little polly pocket sized dolls are still at my aunts house.

Look at how big these fuckers are? I mean my aunt spoiled the shit out of me WOW!

Tree house



Pet shop :)

A little pool

The house! I really want to make brand new patterns for all the rooms and slowly decorate them with TINY things! GOALS!


The garage with little car :)

And an adorable little farm house (unrelated) I have the animals somewhere in a box. SO CUTE

What are these toys called? I know they still make them. I used to see all kinds at KBs when I was little! You put a little car or whatever on top and it slides down a slide and the elevator brings it back up to do it all over again :) I didn't take pics of the slides that attach to it. Its HUGE when all set up. But I love the vintage look of the whole thing. Plus castles are cute!

STAMPS!!! omg! PONY stamps and Garfield XD! LOVE!

BUT MY FAVORITE FIND was this book I had completely forgotten about! Its a sort of pop-up book? Where you flip up the little tabs to see stuff underneath! Its sooo fucking cute. I can't stand it!!! I'm so happy I found this!

I love the art!

OH HEY THERE CUDDLES WHERE YOU BEEN? Sleeping the whole time! What a nut!

And lastly. I found really old hilarious drawings I did! I made a tumblr just for them because they are GOLD. I can't believe how horrifying some of them are XD I was really into dogs. And really into tying up things.

So yea if you want to ummm be scarred for life take a look here :D

Do you still have your childhood toys? :D Are they IN A BOX? or displayed out with love? (Ihopelove)