Monday, April 4, 2011

Magical girls everywhere plus food

This past weekend I went to this: AND IT WAS SO FUN! I really love seeing everyone. Smiling adorable faces bring me so much happiness.

Its also really nice getting to meet people you internet stalk admire!

So Friday we left and drove down to La. We got there late but THATS OK.

I took pics of the shop :D because omg its so huge and awesome!! I really love awesome comic shops! Can I have one?

Cool stuff all over the walls!

Enid :D

Cute thing!

And beautiful art from the show! Please forgive the lack of credit on these :(

Miss Kika: SO PRETTEH. This is the best photo I could get. My shadow kept getting in the way x___x

Junko Mizuno:


I got to meet cutiepie Missalphabet :D WHO WAS SO SUPER SWEET AND ADORABLE!!! She was so nice and we talked about nerdy things and she wore the most adorable dress that she made herself!! SO JELLY I'm sad the lighting was so bad :( Her dress was SO pretty in person! This pic does not do it justice!

My friend Jackie all dolled up and looking adorable as usual :D Always happy to see her! She laughs at my dumb jokes and angry rants haha!

Laura looked adorable as usual! I'm sad I couldn't stay for her fashion show :( !

Creeper photo of Amy. She has such a cute EVERYTHING!!

Maria with her always adorable and elaborate outfits! :D LOVE the balloons!

Irene looking hella awesome!! Had such a fun chat with her :D She keeps a gift I made for her on her cell phone and it makes me so happy! I wish this photo came out cleaner :( SHE LOOKED SO NICE!!!

Bebe!!!! Bebe always looks so precious! I love her hair and how well she puts together her outfits. Classy and cute and sexy!! love love

And I got to meet my girl crush LaurenWK ;_; She was so nice! She called me cute and my heart stopped. hoogod. Her adorable face CRUSHES me with cuteness!!!

Pic of us together! I actually like how I look in it. But whats up with my eyes??

And a pic with me and miss beautiful Jessica doll! I don't like my face here xD But Jessica has such pretty hair and a hot dress! :D

I don't have a pic of Debbi :( But we met right after this story happened haha: Pigtails is me and the other is Amy~

And she was SO NICE and adorable and was so fun to talk to! She made me feel so loved!!! I adore her! She does wonderful photography here:

After that we went straight home and slept! We stayed with my aunt and I took some pics of things in her house that have been there since I was born.

I used to play with these birds when I was little.

Decorated toilet paper hanger haha! I really want to make one now.

Her bathtub walls have cloud designs or something all over them and I've always thought they looked like a unicorn and a girl sleeping!

And her bathroom clock! love how squishy it is!

I also took home some WONDERFUL toys I found that I will blog about later :D

The next day we went to a food festival at the Santa Anita race track! It was cloudy but I still got sunburned :(

Great balls on tires x)

It was really good! I loved what I got! I got the Incrediballs: Kobe beef, bacon, garlic aioli and arugula! So tasty!

Look at how cute the front of this food truck is?? THOUSANDS OF LITTLE TRUCKS! So cuteee!

And then we got ice cream from Cool Haus! *_* I got the browned butter and candied bacon ice cream with chocolate chip! IT WAS SO GOOD!!! ahh I want more...

Also got this really delicious potato Quesadilla thing from India Jones that was AMAZINGG but I didn't take a pic!

Then later that night we went to JapanLa for a CD signing party :)

I also don't have pics but I got some mini cake balls from lilraecakes! They were SO GOOD! And I went back and got a couple more to take home and forgot to pay but when I came back to give her what I owed she just told me to take them ;__; THATS SO SWEET. ISNT THAT SWEET????? Yeah so if you get a chance and like delicious,moist cake covered in chocolate TRY THEM!

Pretty art all over the walls! Again forgive me for lack of credit D:

Pretty Audrey Kawasaki piece!

Anneli Olander watercolor! SO PRETTY! :D

CUTE Sporkii art!

And pretty Yume paintings *___* I love these!!!!

I was like OH YEAAA Mary and Liz have stuff here right now! So I snapped pics of their pretty pieces! :)

After that a bunch of peeps went to dinner! The food there was real good and I got to sit next to Amy 8) IM SPECIAL. Ok no one was sitting there so I took the seat across from her. SHHH I love Amy. Shes so positive and fun! And she let me eat her delicious, spicy Tofu dish because she was full! Hopefully I did not scare her away forever after sitting next to her for so long! ~.~


I didn't get pics of Yume and Chubbybunny in their lovely outfits on Friday but they are in this pic XD And KEVIN TOO! And next to Bunbun is Imai from The Aprils!

Then we went to try Umami burger the next day for lunch and then drove home!

I got the Umami burger! It had STUFF on it. It was pretty yummy! Little too pricey for what it was but I still liked it!

And the husband got the pork belly burger with bacon, avocado, cioppolini onions and chipotle aoili~

So yeahhhhh I had a super fabulous and fun filled weekend! I love errryybody! xoxoxo