Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cutiebook 2011

My favorite magazine in the world only comes out once a year!! I'm so happy they had a new issue when I was at Kinokuniya! :D And thanks to my wonderful pal Msh I was able to buy it!! :D

Just sharing with you some of my favorite things from the book!

Adorable rooms!!! ADORABLE ROOMS! love these gaudy wonderful rooms filled with MANY THINGS! *_*


omg omg omg

God I love how she has those beautiful ruffles on the side of her bunk bed! I wonder whats under there :D

So pink!

So many things *O* and organized so neatly!

mmmm so clean!!!

Can I have pretty curtains? ; ;

SNUGGLE I mean...Fafa XD

Adorable bag covered in bows ;_;

Cute Minnie mouse chair and pillow!


I love ornate frames so much!!!

These are all so beautiful ;_; I would love to have my pencils and things in them on my desk!


I want like a million cute pillows. DREAMS

And cute wall decorations :)

Also I would love this bag if Kuromi wasn't on it!

So much cuteness! I love it all so much!!! It inspires me so much!