Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lots of stickers

HEY did you guys know I like to collect stickers? I feel bad for peeling them off and sticking them on anything so I just put them in this little book I have and look at them for inspiration every now and then! My friends know I love stickers and buy them for me because they are SWEET ;_;

A BUNCH of these I got when I was a lot younger and I've kept them all these years. And others were bought by me or are gifts from friends!

My aunt used to drive me out to the boondocks to find sailor moon stuff and I'd get so excited when I found anything! I also have card sets somewhere in boxes too x__o *HOARDER*

So yes this collection of stickers are kept inside a sticker book! I used to be obsessed with the Lion King.

And who didn't love Lisa Frank?

Sailor moon stickers!

I really miss these types of stickers. They were so big!

Sailor moon!!

My favorite Sailor moon image ever ;__;

These 2 Evangelion pictures...like...don't exist within the show. But they're cute!

No idea where these stickers came from? They had a little princess and knight but I don't like them! I only like the ponies :D Does anyone remember these?

These are stickers I bought for myself from conventions!

I love Okama

Ryusuke Hamamoto!

Cutie Hamsters from the 98 cent store!

And I was amazed when I found these at a local walgreens about 2 years ago. I mean VINTAGE RAINBOW BRITE and adorable ponies????

Bought these from Mary and Celesse :)

One of my favorite games is Zack and Wiki and usually things I like don't have much merchandise :\ So I was super happy to find these cute stickers on Ebay!!! I love the little monsters in the game *_* SO CUTE!

And all of these were given to me by friends!!! :D I get so happy when people really know my taste!!!! My friends are SO thoughtful!!!!! T___T

YEY stickers!!! Send me more *_* !!!! MOREEEEE