Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet streets

So I forgot my camera and there were tears for miles and miles. My phone also died as soon as I got there....But as I expected I knew people were going to take pictures and upload videos so here are some things!

I didn't get to see this at all because everyone was so tall and I am not so tall. And that makes me sad because look at how adorable everyone is. If I had a fashion show I would love for it to be like this! Everyone is dancing and having fun! Soooooo sooooo cute!

I totally see my friend Jackie in this vid :D

Speaking of which she was so lovely and made me a bow ;o; SO SWEET. LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS! And its great because its a pin so I can attach it to my clothes ;O;!

And here is another Vid!

And here is a video with most of the lovely pieces for the gallery!

And I met YumeNinja and she was amazing :D Her art pieces in the show were beautiful! I love how she decorated the edges and I loved her outfit to death!!! AS WE ALL KNOW ZAM LOVES UNICORNS.

such pretty paintings ;o;

Seriously tho look at her outfit!!!!!. So fucking amazing! She cut off the heels to the shoes :D Shes so creative!

And I met the lovely San too who got to be a model :D She was so adorable and so sweet. I wish she lived in Cali! Photos VIA her :)
Me and her

And me and Maria! I loved her head piece!

And Irenes pieces were lovely tooooo!!!

Seriously. So sad I didn't bring my camera :(


You can see so many photos of the event at these sites!





And lastly. I made some Headbands with bows. They are available on my etsy shop :)

The purple one is my favorite because of the bling. Man I used to hate bling. But now I love it XD still not into diamonds tho.