Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pandas & sweet streets.

These commercials are hilarious.

Here is another version of a pic I posted on Da.

So I'm going to this on Saturday: :D I'm very excited I get to meet lovely new people! And I can't wait to see familiar faces as well!

I hope I have a lovely time. I'm always nervous meeting new people and horrified of people taking pictures of me. People always take unflattering pics of me D: It never fails! It makes me cry at night lol.

Anyway! I'm loving my new home. Here are some before pics. Pretty horrifying :D So many boxes. So many thing and so many things of each thing!

The living room before

The living room after

Close up of figure shelf: We are nerds yes. Tons of Eva stuff. And Lums and Locke and cute random things!

The work room before

The work room after

A shelf I turned into a side shelf

Little cube area

Shelf and TV

The bedroom :D

All the amazing stuffed things we own. Including a fatbatcat my best friend made me years ago and 2 adorable things she also made us. A ram and peach! She also bought me the little white kitty and mamegoma! Then theres pokemanz,maromi, nyanko and Pikmin and Kogepan!

And the kitchen

My little make up/hair area stocked with sugarpill!

My hanging accessory thing

My fireplace. That beautiful wreath was also given to me by my best friend. She got it from Target and its AMAZINGGGGGG. I love black ;__;

Close up!

My Lucky statue C:

My dragon!!! Did you guys know I love dragons?

And some ponies my aunt bought for me when I was little

And like EVERYTHING is in walking distance. We lived in this city before so things are familiar. But yea like Michaels and a post office, Orchird, Big lots, An adorable little diner looking place that sells frozen yogurt and sammiches ALL IN WALKING DISTANCE. walk walk walk! Also a fucking amazing sushi place. ugh so good. So happy!

;-; I want to see world of color again. Video link thanks to Steph!

sighhh ; ; SOMEDAY