Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My work space

This took awhile because nothing would stick to the damn wall so I kept having to go out and buy different types of sticky things. Anyway! Tour time :)

This poster is so old and falling apart. It came in a magazine I bought ages ago. Its one of my favorite pictures. And the 2 things beside them are from my friends Liz and Mary. They are so talented!

I love this Sailor moon picture. I love any picture where the girls are wearing matching outfits. So cute!

These are so so old. I blew them up into poster size images at Kinkos from playing cards I own a million years ago and have had them ever since.

This is another one of my favorite posters. I love how everyone looks all dolled up.

These images are from miss Emily Warren :) Shes so talented and amazing!

Frames I bought from Plasticland. I love them so much. I couldn't find anything to put in them so I just used my own images.

More Miss Kika things :) She painted a beautiful Alala for me! (Its on the right) And also lovely Lindsay things :)

And this is my favorite Miss Kika picture. I love mirrored images. And the hair is so pretty.

My cork board that I prettied up with some extra fabric I own. c: very happy with how it came out!

Lum poster *_* Did you guys know I love Lum?

Another Sailor moon Poster! I love Pegasus :)

My Mucha poster :)

Lovely fanart from the lovely Joodles :D And a picture my friend Gustav drew me. Hes one of my favorite artists in the world. I really miss his art.

Tenshi ni Narumon picture I cut out from a magazine. Its really hard to find products from this show. Then there is a picture SUPER TALENT FACE msh drew of our friend Klar. My little Rambi is hanging on the keychain! You can see a bigger version here: and then Spazzy gave this to me at Fanime a couple years ago :) Its a Rambi! Then 2 pics by Klar :D I love Pallu and Nen!

A cute Bee post card by Linds :D I love it so much! AND ANOTHER amazing image by Msh of my character Elle!! Its so pretty ;__; and all for me!!! Then another Tenshi ni Narumon pic and a picture my friend Aja drew :) Its one of my favorites by her.

Princess Tutu figurines :D I love how detailed and pretty they are!

Ranchan *_* I can never decide if I like her more than Lum. They are both wonderful! And behind her is Ranma and Shampoo!

Mini Whinnies haha :D I used to have some when I was younger but I have NO idea what happened to them. So a couple years ago I saw they had them at Target and snatched them up real good!!

My favorite littlest Pet shop toys :D Such cute ponies! I will never give these away!

Bijou!!! Shes so cute ;_; And right next to her is a toy my lovely friend Devon sent to me all the way from New Zealand :D

Baby Daisy XD

A mameshiba my friend Brittany gave me because she lovesss me :D

Alien nine figurines! I love this show to death. I love the voices and music and its just a well made show. its only a couple of episodes tho. And it kind of ends on a cliff hanger. But I love it. Its cute but also creepy! So of course I had to get these.

A cute little Lion king polly pocket thing? I used to be super obsessed with The Lion King when I was younger. I still have all the crap I bought too. Like View finder, color forms, coloring books, toys, stuffed animals, stickers, and so on and so on.

A piggy and Sheep my friend bought for me :D (I'm a ram and my bf is a piggy)

omg my friend Nichol made these for me a long time ago ;__; She is amazing. She also made my cheese pillow in my last entry but I forgot to plug her! They are little sculpey fat bat cats. My little baby dragon characters! The one on the right has a band aid on its wing XD well where its wing should be!! I was so happy to get these and still treasure them!!

Little Pikmin :D Because my boyfriend knows how much I love them! Poor little yellow fell off and got lost forever tho :(

And My little ponies :) Lovely miss Jessica sent me these because I said Firefly was my favorite pony. Sadly shes only in the Pilot of the show! But anyway she sent me the light haired one and the matching baby! And my friend Brittany bought me the dark haired one :D

And scattered throughout are littlest pet shop toys. Little bunnies and kitties and puppies! So cute :)

And I showed a pic of my shelf before but I added some little Mcdonalds transformer toys because I love them! And a mug Aja bought me and a Mug I bought myself :)

I love my pink walls and I love my work area and I love my condo. Yey yey yey!