Sunday, September 19, 2010


I wanted to go to San fran and say hi to Amy and eat delicious food and explore Japantown SO I DID.

We got there around 9 and stopped at Dynamo donuts. We shared the Caramel de sel and the maple bacon! The maple bacon one has apple in it and its GREAT and the caramel one has orange *_*

The display at the counter is really cute!

And I snapped a photo of them making a batch of maple bacon!

on the way back I spotted a bakery with little alligator bread! xD

And these cool and nifty paper cut outs!

And San Francisco has the prettiest buildings!

Then we stopped over by the Metreon and they had a Halloween store :D DID YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE HALLOWEEN? It is amaze. TM Msh

ohhh so big!

I tried on some glasses :D heehee

omg so yea they had this pretty ring for 3 bucks!!!!


yey tacky displays!! :D

This is gross :D

There was a fashion walk with the Doki Doki shop girls and other cute ladies. I took some pics of these cute ladies.


And yuka :D

Amy wearing adorable clothes :D

I didn't get anybody else because I forgetttttt.

But anyways! Then we walked around and looked at stuff and I was conned into buying a hair bow by Vani because shes so adorable I couldn't resist! D: She came up to me and was so friendly and cute and in my mind we bonded over cuteness. *fantasy* ouhh its so cute AND it doubles as a pin so I can put it on my clothes too :D SPARKLERURURU

Then we did some wandering around and I was naughty and bought a bag u__u I saw it and was like good mother of god. But you know the bag wanted me too. I could tell. We looked deep into each others eye and fell madly in love! All my stuff fits so perfectly in it too!

haha yea saw this. WHY IS HELLO KITTY YELLING AT ME???? hahahaha!

And these were in a display window *O* so cute! They remind me of that little toy where you fish and theres a magnet on the fishing pole?

Then for dinner we had sushi :D

I had fun! twas a good day.

And recently I ordered some new sugarpill colors *3* Birthday girl, Paperdoll, and Stella!

I always try to take pics of the make up on me but my camera only wants to pick up yellow :\ and its sooo annoying!

I found these recently too!!! *c* they are iridescent but you can't see in the pic! I'm going to deco these babies up!

And I saw this and was like MUST HAVE AND MAKE INTO HAIR ACCESSORY but it already had a hair clip TuT now I have to find a way to add something to it so I'm not just reselling it. But god isn't it adorable?

anddddddd I ordered some moo mini cards and I've been sticking them around places like at collages and Japantown so hopefully people will see them and come to my shop!

Thats pretty much it! I will leave you with some Gnocchi pics because hes so handsome!