Friday, July 2, 2010

So cal adventures

I'm very excited I'm going down to visit So cal on the 13th! I'm making my mom take me places!!

Ikea: I've never been and all my friends talk about it all the time and DID YOU KNOW I LIKE INTERIOR DESIGN?
Kogi Taco truck: Best fucking food I have ever eaten. I like it more than Chipotle! Delicious sesame and miso flavor all over wonderfully cooked meat. They also have really good salsa to put on everything! Hopefully this time I will be able to take pictures and remember to order their crazy cereal dessert!!! and I hope I can catch them! Oh elusive truck! You travel far and wide! But I will follow youuuu. Follow you wherever youuu may goo!! There isn't a ocean too deep!!! a mountain so high it can KEEEP keep me AWAYYyyy~

Fashion district: I've also never been D: When I lived near LA I wasn't into sewing so now I'm going to PLOW THROUGH and hopefully find some amazing trim and fabrics! *__* I will probably take a video of all the places I walk by too!!!

Rockin Baja: I just love their delicious shrimp appetizer so I have to go again! Also salsa bar! Mmmmmm!!!

Wolfes: This is a grocery market I used to go to that has a deli in the back and I would always get a sammich with turkey, muenster cheese, lettuce on sourdough with a DELICIOUS CREAMY pasta salad *__* and some Stewarts orange cream soda!!! I haven't had one in at least 5 years! no pics :<

And places that I can get to myself:
Kappo Honda: We always have to eat here when we visit!! They're really fucking tasty and amazing. All the items are pretty small portions but have packed in flavor! Last time I got some pork with Kimchi and my love for Kimchi was awakened! They also have the best tasting sushi and Yakitori. The atmosphere is so nice too. Its so cozy and warmly lit. They're always playing pretty Japanese music too! Tsuruhashi: Korean BBQ! You cook the food in front of you on a little stove. The meats are marinated well and the dipping sauces are SO GOOD. I love it there!

Shinsengumi: If time permits! We've never actually tried it but it has amazing reviews on Yelp! And now that I've tried delicious Ramen I want to see what they have!

Crivello: MAYBEEEEE if time permits. I've been craving it forever. They have a really good appetizer thats seriously a block of cheese pan fried in bread crumbs xD served on the BEST tomato sauce I've ever had! I'm not a big tomato fan but its just the perfect recipe. Plus the fresh basil on top! MMmmmmmm no pics sadly :< Disneyland: I'm STILL not sure If I'm going or not because its just so damn expensive D: but I want to see world of color SO BAD I could cry!!!!! Right now I feel so sick from my tooth infection that I keep thinking ugh thats going to be a long day XD but I'm sure once I feel better I'm going to be hopping up and down wanting Disneyland badly!

Either way its going to be an amazing adventure!!!! *u* excite! I'm sure I will have tons of pictures when I get back!!

Also I hope you all have a lovely 4th of July weekend!!!!