Saturday, July 10, 2010


DISNEYLAND YEYYYYYYYYYYY I LOVE DISNEYLAND I CANT EVEN TELL YOU. It makes me SO happy. And I haven't been in YEARS :( It was so fabulous. Even tho I got sunburned. And even tho my feet turned into mush. And even tho I was DEAD tired. IT WAS GREAT. The only complaints I have were that I didn't like the Jack sparrow additions on Pirates. And I HATED the submarine :( I love finding nemo but I don't want to see stupid holograms. I want to see sculpted moving animatronics!! At least there was Jelly fish...

The lines weren't that bad either! And I got to go on all my favorite rides :)

Stylish posters! I'd love to own some of these!

Mainstreet and other things!!

The front windows! I love that they always have new displays. Tho right now they have old stuff but thats ok. I was kinda hoping for Toy story3 but I guess not :<

Inside the shops were all kinds of cute displays. Some of these are from a store in downtown Disney.

I totally didn't even know this existed but in one of the shops? they had tiny models of the park! ugh cute. I love tiny things :<

Sleeping beautys Castle :D

And some other stuff like cute statues n things!

omg seriously precious moments princesses??????? CUTEST THING EVARRRR. I want the Ariel SO BAD.

I found this really cute Marie book. I don't know how she got so popular but ughhh I love the style of the drawings and I love the pictures. So so cute. I had to get it!!!

AND I GOT TO SEE WORLD OF COLOR AND MY HEART WEPT. I mean like. I love Disney animated musicals. And I appreciate my favorite movies more today. So hearing all my favorite songs in high quality and ENVELOPE ME WITH LOVE was like the most amazing thing EVER. I was so fucking happy. Not to mention all the pretty colors and water. It was just PERFECT. AGUH. If you get the chance and like the things I like you NEED to go ;__;

Here is a clip of the beginning if you want to see!

And this cute girl was dancing before the show :) I love her outfit!

And pics of California Adventure:

So yea I mean. It was just a wonderful day. I died that night tho. Dead. But it was so much fun.