Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cute things and unicorns

If I was rich I would order all of this right now!!! tweeted this shop yesterday and I cried because I wanted everything!!!

;o; I actually already have a black rose ring but the paint on it came off cuz there is metal under it :( I've even repainted it but the paint didn't hold! (not asking for advice btw) I would prefer to have plastic anyway!!

I love love love Ornate frames. If I owed these I would probably end up painting them! But I love them so much :3haha so cool xD
I don't have a coffee table but if I did these would so go on it!! I love lace D: LOVE
ok these are so fucking cool!!!! I want a house so I can put these next to my front door and hang things! ;o;
*3* so cute!
I always want one of these so I can doodle on my lap but I want one with SUPER padding so I don't hurt my neck haha! Anyway love the design :3
pink-check. deer-check. lace-check. uhm I BOUGHT THESE CUZ I HAD TO! only 5 bucks D:
I want these SO BAD YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I think this is BRILLIANT!! I love it ;o;
yes please!!!!!

Ok!! So I ordered this awesome Unicorn headband from emandsprout and Linds sent me a couple other goodies cuz shes obviously the best person in the world. I plan on taking a picture of me wearing it but I've been sick so I don't feel like dolling myself up!


why..."I" like unicorns!!!! HOW DID SHE KNOW?

Cute adorable Carousel unicorn necklace ;o;

haha awesome I heart unicorn pin XD!!!

And a REALLY CUTE hair pin!!! I love mesh things and the little heart ahh so cute!

And mermaids ;o; cute little cards I could never give away!!!

Anddd another cute card xD you're right. You do belong in my tummy!

I LOVE YOU LINDS!!!!! you are a supastah *3*

I also bought some fake flowers so I could make some cute hair accessories!

A ring!
Have a happy fireworks day :D