Monday, November 2, 2009

I do

Hey kids! :D

I had a really good drawing day yesterday! The computer I work on keeps getting viruses and malware so I had to scan the thing all day to get rid of everything :( So while that was going on I livestreamed and this is one of the things I did :)

Plus a Juliette that was supposed to be for Halloween but I got home late and was too tired to make a blog post! It looks like shes walking on the wall xD But I don't care. Its finished!


R e a f u said...

The Alice in Wonderland theme is pretty cute :D!

Anonymous said...

I lurked your livestream when you were doing the top one and it was a thrill to see how you work. Didn't get to see you finish her though as I had to sleep! It's amazing you can ink zoomed out like that *o* She turned out beautifully, I especially love how you do the hair :3

I love the Alice in Wonderland Juliette too, I really love how you did the background!

ross said...

i know you know this, but your stuff is phenomenal. i finally woke up and bookmarked your blog!