Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Down the rabbit hole

I keep getting busy and my poor blog keeps getting neglected! Well here is a Juliette I sketched up while livestreaming :3 Then I finished It yesterday.

And my Iris who is my version of Alice in Alice in wonderland. I was not inspired by the new movie or a book or a series of books or by princess Ai 8I I created her before knowing anything about any wonderland thing. I also don't really LIKE alice in wonderland but I thought American Mcgees dark version was cool. I think dark versions of fairy tales, books etc are neat! So that is how this was born.

My iris is evil. And it is very loosely based on wonderland in general. My Iris used to be sweet and loveling untill power consumed her and now shes trying to battle the queen of hearts so she can rule wonderland. I still have to draw her younger innocent side but one day I will. She used to be best friends with Lilith (my queen of hearts) was in love with the Mad hatter (who I also have to draw)

I would love to make her comic :( But my skills are very limited


0becomingX said...

very sexy, love the bottom drawing her legs are very silky and curvy looking

RoyalScandal said...

both drawings are very lovely. I don't think your skills are limited. < 3 If you ever do make the comic I'd be very happy to read it *3*

Alexis Cala said...

You do the most lovely outfit designs. <3