Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well my friend Acrylicana and the lovely Miss Kika MIGHT POSSIBLY get a booth next year at Fanime inside the dealers room. We're still not 100 percent positive because the Booth is about 600 something and we have to pay BEFORE Dec 31st of this year. Well the whole idea has gotten me so excited that I've been shopping around for display cases and other things to buy for it. I imagine our booth being a GRAND shiny colorful sparkling awesome pink cute booth *___* So anyway!!

I really really want to have the prettiest boxes and bags to give people with their product. I also really want to make some acrylic designs to take also so I feel the stuff is ME ME ME. Here is one design I am pretty happy with! Still not sure on how to color it. I've tried a couple of things and didn't like anything.

and I've shown off these doodles in my livejournal but I'd like to ink these too. Not the bunnys tho. But I love the Little red riding hood and Alice. I want them to be necklaces!

So these boxes are just lovely and not TOO expensive BUT that always means I have to charge people more. Hopefully people are willing to spend a little more in the dealers room more than they would in the artist alley. And they'd get such cute boxes!!!!!And I want to sew little baggies like this myself to make it way cheaper and pick out some fabulous fabric.I really want these :D I probably won't use the heart but I thought about spray painting it pink. And the display case for rings is so perfect because you can keep in closed and still see whats inside!!!

And I also sketched out some ideas for what the stuff at my booth will look like. Even if I don't get a booth I'll use this at my table for Fanime!

And I'm not sure if I'll use this or not. But they would be little cards that earrings would go on. The problem I'm having is I'd have to make sure they're smaller than the box I send them in? And I don't want to order too many box sizes. Money money.
So yeah :D


Ashley R. D. said...

Ohhhh LOVE IT!
I really wish I could go see you ladies in action!
Maybe! Hopefully! And I can drag Laura with me xD

R e a f u said...

Good luck with the artist alley prep :D! I've heard it's fun doing that with friends, especially when it's your convention debut. I hope it all goes well for you three.

K. Van Dam said...

Wow! Your booth would be SO cute! All your ideas sound great! Hope you guys can get the dealers hall money together in time~

Chelsea Greene said...

Cute pink drawings :3
Good luck with your booth! I hope you sell a lot.

Brittany said...

Damn youuuussssss! X3 Now I want cute things for myself! Maybe I will make some sweets charms along with my sushi charms this year. Like cupcakes or something X3 ALL YOUR CUTE/PINK IS TAKING OVER MY BRAIN!!! O:


Chiaki Hirai said...

Do you need unmarked jewelry boxes? My family is closing our jewelry store, so I'll ask about selling you some overstock of unmarked gift boxes if you are interested.