Thursday, November 19, 2009

jewelry designs

Small blog post! Just to show off my new little friends :D You've probably already seen them if you have me added on DA or twitter. I like seeing them all together. I want to put them on things *3* I wish zazzle and cafepress weren't so expensive! Then people could afford to buy my crap! But I do plan on making cheap jewelry if a friend of mine can find a good acrylic place! And by cheap I mean inexpensive not isn't well made 8D

And then I also have this pic which is a different version to the one I uploaded on DA.


dani ♥ panteez said...

I love the cute little animals. I think it would be so awesome if they were on some items or something. Even sticker sheets. But best of all, if you could make them into charms with polymer clay. I would soooo do it if I were you. Haha.

Miranda said...

I love the cute little deer one you did!! So cuteeeeee. <3

princess sparkle said...

hey i just came upon your sweet lil blog and i have to say i LOVE your characters that you've created! you're very talented!! <3<3 anal stained stephiee