Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where I belong

New Acrylic paintings I've done recently :) I might sell the box but I'm not sure about the others. I had the wood and the box for about a year and never did anything with them. The box is made out of cardboard or something so I tried just painting it white to see if it looked ok because whenever I see people paint little boxes like this it usually looks too bumpy and textured for me. Well this turned out good so I painted the lid. I was going to have it so you could tie up the sides with the white lace but then it would have covered the picture so I wrapped the ribbon and lace on the side. The ribbon was also a lighter pink before I ironed it xD So it doesn't match as well as it should! Anyways since I like how it turned out I tried the acrylics on the pieces of wood :) and this is what came out! I kinda don't want to part with the wood pieces... But when I get paid I'm going to buy bigger pieces and try something more detailed! And yes the pink paints are shimmery :) I used Delta cream coat acrylic paints in case you are wondering. I used my copic airbrush tool for the blush and a white Deco color paint marker for the white highlights.

Also I recently found this artist by accident. I heard "breathe me" on the finale of 6 feet under but it didn't touch me the way it does now! And I love almost everything she does. I don't like when her stuff is too R&B. But shes so talented. I love her voice and the way she sings. Shes also a little nutty :D which is always a plus! Have some videos!

I love this song ; ____ ;

Prettyyy!! This video is really neat! Most of her videos don't have embedding enabled :( So I can only give you links. But they are worth it! Haha so weird XD song from 6 feet under! This reminds me a little of Nelly Furtado!


Acrylicana said...

:O I didn't know that you didn't know much of Sia's music until now. ooooh my goodness! but yay! :D
Now we're on a magical train to Siaville! :B she's filled with so much cute.

Oh those paintings are lovely! BOW! Giant eyes! Glitter forest!

HaliCat said...

Gorgeous! I love them, really :3 If you're not comfy selling them, maybe you could offer commisions like this, I'm sure people would love to pay for your artwork on a customised box :3

And her voice is so lovely! *o*

0becomingX said...

OMG!! i love the paintings you did on wood. Did you make that with a router?