Saturday, October 10, 2009

Little pink riding hood

Weeeeeee! I have a headache today. But at least dumb people on the internet keep me entertained! xD


Ashley R. D. said...

Zambi! That is stinkin adorable! <3 You're so cute and your drawings are AMAZING!

Studio Cutecake said...

Thanks cuppycake :D

Acrylicana said...

:O oooh my goodness, zamzam!
This majestic beast! :O

Are you going to one day dump all of your blog post pieces into dA? Or keep them here for magic good times?

Either way, fairy tales, Zambi, and Juliette are a winning combination!

Rami said...

such a cute idea :) I loooovve the dress you drew for her.