Thursday, October 15, 2009

Busy bee

I wanted to do a mirror image with Juliette so here she is! I'm super super busy trying to get slipshine pages done and juggle commissions at the same time all while being super inspired and I can't do anything until I'm done working 8D hahugghdhghggg


R e a f u said...

I've always wondered how DO you make those mirror image pictures 8D?

Acrylicana said...

Yes, how on earth do you flip an image? It's SO perplexing.

Love it, Zams. Love it so hard. Like a Polaroid picture that brings the boys to the yard. Damn right.

This Juliette is among your best Juliettes. I think that every time, but this time I think that with extra stars in my brain.

Rami said...

you draw such awesome mirror pictures, they always turn out great and this is no exception :)

can't wait to see even more art from youuuu.