Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Its the gooodd ship lolipop

Recently I've been getting so many ideas for things to make and sell on etsy but I don't have the money and whenever I sketch something out it always comes out horrible anyway. Its like fates trying to tell me something. I try really hard too. But I dunno. The pictures on this blog are the only types of pictures that come out ok and I'm still not as pleased with them as I could be. sighhhh! Oh well. Life goes on. I guess the thing that really bothers me is that I don't copy from anyone and if I'm inspired I'll say so. Then I see shit heads who copy ALL the time getting more and more popular and successful! Its stupid. Anyway I enjoyed Sundays new episode of Venture Bros. I need to rewatch last season cuz I forgot all about it!!

Later tonight I'm going here: http://www.firkinfoxmodesto.com/ I really love their deviled eggs and sweet potato fries (it comes with chipotle mayo dipping sauce) everything needs a dipping sauce!!! Also I find it weird that I hate mustard so much but I LOVE deviled eggs. I also can't eat too much mayo and it usually has to be mixed with something. I also HATE potato salad. Its the grossest thing in the world to me X____X Well now I'm blabbering so we'll get onto pictures :D

My Alala and her love Knut. I love drawing them. :D


marzipanapple said...

Keep on truckin', Zams. Eventually you'll get some good stuff out of them there hands of yers.

And I can completely relate to the frustration of watching these other 'artists' copy/copy/copy shit from other people and actually rise to the top with it. It drives me insane (and used to tempt me quite a bit after I realized the money they were probably making). I started seeing it after discovering Pancake Meow. Then after Claire Belton. Everyone and their mom makes food jewelry now (and if it actually looked ORIGINAL/stylized, it wouldn't bother me!) Uggghggh

Robert said...

They are so beautiful! I love the shiny rosy thighs and the plumpy lips. :)

And the Venture Bros was all kinds of awesome but we had to watch it like three times and I'm still not sure I've got it all sorted out. I may have to manually re-edit the whole thing.

PS: I may try to send you guys something soonish! When I have monies. :>

Acrylicana said...

Oh I hate those "artistes". Let's get our torches and pitchforks and burn the witches. Fucking voodoo.

I Love your Alala (with a capital L apparently).

You sell yourself short, deary lou. ;) your work is always A-game.

0becomingX said...

awesome work :D totally stalking you on your blog too

HaliCat said...

'Those' sort of artists make my blood boil. I blame the fact that in today's world we sort of just want fame, attention and success and we want it NOW regardless of whether we have anything to offer to get it or even deserve it, so you get these morons who think they can just rip off, steal and copy and get away with it and it's depressing to think so many people seem to value medocrity >_>

Well, I adore you artwork you're definitely one of my faves and I find your work very inspiring, unique and always a treat to view :3

Gorgeous work as usual m'dear, I really love the lines in the first pic of Alala!