Sunday, June 26, 2011

More toys part 2

Part 2 weee!!! See part one here:

So recently I went through boxes and forgot I had some My little ponies (and other things) I liked but were kinda dirty (which is why they aren't on display) so I cleaned them up with some Awesome and made them pretty again! I put a little conditioner in their hair and then after it dried I used my curling iron on low heat to fix their hair up!

Sadly I did not take before pictures but I assure you that they were really dirty!

Masquerade :D

Goldielocks pony!

Ballerina pony XD


Glitter ponies! I wish I could go back in time and tell Hasbro to never ever give dolls tinsel hair. BAD IDEA.

I forget what their names are! But their hair is so pretty!

A flutter pony and a baby pony. I didn't fix their hair up so they look ratty! But they're still cute!

PIXIETAILSSSS! So going to sport these at AX XD

He-man tiger hohoho

Moon Dreamers Lion! What a cutie! his face is still dirty!

Barbie kitty????

I can't remember the name of these!

I only cleaned the hair on these ones so their bodies are still dirty!

Random horses!

Silky Mane :D

Barbie horse!

Most of them up on my cute shelf :D Now when people visit they will see ponies everywhere!!!

Also while looking I found these old booklets that came along with the toys. Do they still have them? I know Lego does! Some limited edition stuff was so cute! Wish I had it!

MLP: omg can I have the firefly and moondreamer? ;;

Breyer: Totally forgot they made Spirit horses! I want Rain!

Littlest pet shop: I'm so sad I don't have any of the cute doggies!