Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm a Unicorn

Had to get this cute shirt from Sickforcute ! Did you guys know ....that I like unicorns? oh didn't???



She sent along this hilarious balloon with my order! XD

and little hair bows!!

Also I bought this headband a longgggg time ago and couldn't get a good shot of it on me until now~

I also told her to send me some business cards so I could send them out with purchases at Anime Expo and she also sent me this necklace ;; because shes THEBESTPERSON.

her cards:

also YEY more post cards ;o; !!!! I have a whole collection now!!!

I asked my pal Liz to send me cards too and she sent along a cute bow note, buttons, stickers and a pretty ring ;___;

her cards:

I also recently got this adorable bag from Celesse!!! :D

and bought this skirt from a girl on livejournal! ;--;

Andddd stuff I've been workin on!

Pony paperdolls I made that are available in my Etsy shop :)

Tried making a little felt pony hair clip but it didn't come out right! howellll

and I redid some old designs :) chub animals! Also available in my Etsy shop!

and thats it!