Friday, November 5, 2010

New charms and friends

Ok first off! I'm available for commissions. I really need to fix my finances before taxes come rolling in so if you can help please do :)

For more info go here:

And on Saturday I got together with a long time internet friend. Shes from New Zealand :D The entire time I was surrounded by cute accents!!!

Here is Devon <3 I cropped out Sarah because she said she didn't want people to know what she looked like but for the record shes a cutie pie!

Hiding :D

We went around browsing Kinokuniya and New People looking at all the cute stuff! I didn't get anything but Devon was all GET IT GET IT! Shes an enabler xD

Devon makes these amazing brooches!!! They have retardly good detail too! Look at how pretty they are!!!

You can get some at her Etsy shop :D

And I've never seen Sarahs stuff before but I'm totally in love with it now!!! Its so organic and peaceful. I really love how she uses pencil! You can look at her work here:

And before we met up with them we stopped at the Ferry building to look at all the stuff they had. It was AMAZING. Olive Oil, Mushrooms, Chocolate, Oysters, Cheese and SO MUCH MORE! I wish more places had free samples but nouuu.

We tried some Olive oil tho and its the best I've ever tasted. They had blood orange and lime. I wanted them so bad but they are so expensive.

And we got a cheese thing from the cheese shop because uhm CHEESE. It was Gruyere in grilled Naan with apple chutney! ughh so good!

They had so much stuff! Mushrooms!

Meat and more meat!



And I got buttons in! :D The colors didn't turn out too bad either.

And new charms! I hope people buy them for Christmas :D I'm giving 1 misc button and a cell phone charm cake with every order! And possibly little candy canes!

Also my pal Msh drew me this AMAZING thing. Remember when I was talking about Kirbys epic yarn??? Well she drew me and my bf as characters in the game. ZAMZ EPIC BOWS. Its just brilliant and I love her so much. What would the world do without msh?

I also want to make some pretty laminated dry erase boards for Etsy! These are the images! You'll draw your notes on the hair :) chu chu chuu!!

And also some bookmarks! Don't know if anyone would be interested in these?

And I drew this the other week! I love the colors.

Anyway thats it. I got my tickets for the Sanrio Nerds party in LA this month. With all this stress I've been dealing with I really need this. I look forward to seeing everyone!