Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nerd party and cute girls everywhere

So I went to Sanrios I heart nerds party this past Saturday& had so much fun! Bubblepunch did such a good job! Everyone was so sweet and adorable too. I'm still in a really good mood from having a lot of fun.

So I got there around 6? And played some pacman and grabbed the most AMAZING KIMCHEE FRIES IVE EVER HAD from the frysmith truck! ughougndofu just thinking about them *_*

Then after that I went to stand in line for the nerds party.

SO WHILE I WAS WAITING IN LINE some girl slips in front of me all creepy like and is all "Hi!" whats your name? So I'm like...Erica...And she goes "OH HEY THATS MY NAME TOO!" and I go... are you trying to cut in line haha? And she goes "no actually I want to put you on TV!" so here I'm thinking aw thats kinda flattering...maybe? and right after she pulls out this flyer and says HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A SHOW CALLED HOW DO I LOOK? and right then I just fucking DIE!! I'm trying so hard not to laugh because if YOU KNOW ME AT ALL or are my friend you know that I am CONSTANTLY making fun of this show and ranting about how awful I think it is and "how could anyone not be angry if their loved ones put them on it?" Because they're always "wow you look like shit everyone is tired of seeing you dressed like that you need to stop! BUT WE LOVE YOU SO ITS OK ITS JUST TOUGH LOVE" And it makes me angry because they are trying to change who they are. Not just how they are dressed. Its ok for you to be all "look you should dress more appropriate for certain occasions!" as long as the rest of the time they can still be themselves. But this show is RAPE. Personality rape! You can still be yourself and know when its the right time to dress professionally! SO ANYWAYS I'm dying because I just think its SO FUCKING FUNNY that shes asking me to be on this show. And I'm like ohhhh no thank you haha!!! and she goes so is there no way? YOU'LL GET A 1,000 DOLLARS AND NEW WARDROBE!! And In my head I'm like gee 1,000 dollars to publicly humiliate myself? HMMMM NO. Not to mention that like how the fuck would she even know if people at this party are just dressing up or ALWAYS dress like this hahahaha???? And even if I were to say YES there is BOUND to be someone way worse dressed than I. I can only think that she must have gone for me because I had pink hair. I wasn't even hurt I was just amazed and thought it was SO FUNNY. I do feel really sorry for someone less thick skinned that would totally be hurt by it. That girl was so creepy about it too. OH AND THEN SHE TURNS TO MY BOYFRIEND AND IS ALL "so are you the bf?" and he was all yea...and she goes "GOOD GUY" AND PATS HIM ON THE SHOULDER HAHAHAHAHAHA! ANYWAY I started reading the flyer and laughed some more XD I highlighted my favorite parts!!!

So that aside, I made little goodies for all the pretty ladies because as we all know zam loves pretty ladies. But I did forget a couple of people so I'm going to be making more soon~! Some people didn't go too so I have to mail those out later :D (not showing them here so it can be a surprise)

I wanted them to be early Chistmas gifts but I totally forgot to buy candy canes! o wells. Everyone enjoyed their gifts and that makes me so happy! Everyone is so cute and amazing and I seriously can't believe how sweet everyone is in person. Everyone was so incredibly sociable and friendly. I always feel so welcome! Makes me kinda choked up :>

So anyway! coughcough. on to pictures! I remembered my camera this time :D YEY

and Laura!

Yea so I totally got screams when Bebe opened up her gift XD I found it very flattering! And she had pics of mine saved on her phone ;_; ALSO FLATTERING! And Laura has the cutest voice ;o; LIKE AN ANGEL! Don't they both look adorable?

All 3 of us! so blurry :( so sad!

So Bei was all by herself (well I didn't know her friends YET) so I was nervous to give her gift to her xD But she was SOOOOOO NICE and super friendly and chatty!


AHAHAH STEPHIEE and her amazing braces XD Loved her outfit and she was totally in character and was super goofy and funny.

Liz and Nara :D Liz looked SO CUTE with nerd glasses! I love her outfit and I love how Nara was in all pink! WORK IT GURLLL. I gave her a print of the twin stars pic I drew for her :D CAN YOU SPOT KEROPPI?

I was trying to get a pic of nara taking pics but they kept coming out blurry cuz he was moving XD But I made this because when I was looking through my pictures it looked like he was dancing haha!

Maria, Amy, CUTEGIRL and Tess. I feel like I know cute girl from somewhere on the web! Its going to kill me until I find out! But EVERYONE IS JUST SO CUTE I CAN'T STAND IT. I loved everyones outfits! Also I love Tess' hair!

Jessica came as a bully because shes totally mean! Look at her beating up poor Bei :O I had to take pics for evidence when the cops come to take her away!

She smiles >:O because she loves being a bully so much! She totally has like the cutest smile ever!!

And for some reason I didn't take a picture of Twinkiechan D: I was like NOUUUuuuu

ahhh I forgot to get a pic of Michele and Yume too ;3; BOOO


I tried to take a picture of everyone getting a picture in the photobooth but couldn't get a good shot xD Look at everyone being so nerdy!

My adorable friend Jackie :D HER OUTFIT IS SO CUTE! I tried to steal her stockings. They had bows all over them! STEAL STEAL!

Oh & I actually won stuff too! I never win anything xD well catch anyway! They threw goodies into the crowd! I got a cute bag & my friend Jackie gave me her extra key cover :D

Free nerd glasses :D I wish I could wear them all the time!

Jackie also made me a bow ;3; because shes just so giving!

I am ever so happy everyone enjoyed their gifts. And I loved everyones outfits. I wish I could see these people all the time! Because they are super friendly and sweet and happy! Everyone needs people like this in their life!

The place was decorated so cute! I loved everything! I made some slideshows! Because this blog would be way too big if I didn't!

They had miniature golf and a ferris wheel and tons of cute displays!

And my favorite pieces from the gallery! Liz's art pieces were so beautiful. I love the frames she finds and how she gets them printed!!! I also really love Beis 3D wood piece. She cut it out herself! I also really love the Jelly bean hamburgerchans and the paper cut outs! augh god and Twinkiechans scarf!! LOVVV

I want to go to events like this all the time D: SO CUTE. NEED SAN-X PARTY AHHH. So happy.