Friday, December 4, 2009


Trying to get things back on track! Still not enough love for poor Juliette tho XD But if you can afford it I made a calendar for her thats up on Zazzle! You can also request I put any of the images of her on there too. Mouse pads, mugs or whatever!

I got 2 of the DECO tapes I bought today. So I played with it a little and decorated some stuff.

First thing I did was the ring boxes I usually send out in my etsy orders. I really love how it looks :D and then I wanted to see the lace DECO tape so I decorated one of my boxes! I love it. I might become a DECO tape fanatic >_>

And I did pretty good with money today! I had a 40 percent off coupon for any one regular item at Michaels so I used it to buy 19.99 emulsion for my YUDU silk screening machine. (I've been meaning to come up with a another design so I can actually sell something :]) and then they had more pretty pink boxes on sale. Normally they are 10! So with the coupon and sale I only paid 20 :] So I basically got the box for free! Wee. I need to only buy things on sale haha.

And more Polyvore outfits! :)


Acrylicana is... said...

OMFG the deco tapes!!! They're so adorable :D I wish every one of your ring boxes carried that tape and more :B You'd have the sweetest shoppy ever.

RoyalScandal said...

oh my gosh that tape makes such a difference in the presentation :D ! it's so cute you should use it on all your packagingssss.