Sunday, December 13, 2009


I've been so busy lately :( So no Juliettes or anything really. And then I got sick. So all I have for now are some outfits from Polyvore. They have lolita 8D!!! I want all of this. ALLLLL of ittt!!!

I went to Biz Baz on Saturday and met adorable and sweet miss twinkiechan! :D I'm sad now that I didn't take a pic of her booth! But oh well :( She had such adorable stuff too. Like little candy belt purses. I wanted to eat it allll.

My friend Rami
showed me this girl on youtube the other day and I fell in love :D Shes so charming and funny! I want to keep her in my pocket!

And I leave you with this 8I

man if I was rich it could just be team marbi (mary zambi)
maru : :B yus yus. if we were rich bitches our dreams would come true! we could do anything. anything at all. on a whim.
maru : or believelands
zam : 8D yeahhh
zam : machines to print and make anything our hearts desired
maru : also, marbi is adorable XD
maru : yus
zam : and a cute boutique with wonderful things and delicious cupcakes
maru : and a fantastic marketing team to hawk it all over the worldsu
maru ::D
zam : haha marbi sounds like an African animal xD
zam : or Australian
zam : a marsupial
zam : yus *3* I want a store that has my stuff and also other unique awesome artists so it can be the coolest store evarrr
maru : LOL or like malibu barbie became one word. MARBI!
maru : yus yus :B
maru : i would visit that store
tmaru : VISIT IT
maru : like visiting family
zam : haha!!!
zam : I would also visit it
zam : because I would have someone else run it 8D cuz Id be sorry guys. *holds sunglasses* I got to be somewhere else important like in my swanky stupid coming up with new ideas and petting cats and touching my wood floors romantically 8D
zam : then I ride off into the sunset with my pink cat
zam : car*
zam : or cat
zam : whichever
zam : Id have it all
zam : STUDIO
zam : yes I live in a stupid....
maru : "touching my wood floors romantically" LOL!!
zam : I want wood floors so bad maru
zam : when I get them
zam : some day
zam : I will be all over them
maru : soooooooommmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeereee ooooouuuuut thuuuur
maru : just rolling and rolling for hours
maru : zamzam, where are you?
maru : 'on the flooor! the glorious floor!"
maru : LOL


Pich said...

I just loooooooove your blog! ^3^

Brittany said...

She is so cute and funny! X3 I think it's so funny how her mother goes along with everything. Because lord knows, Huy's Vietnamese mother would not. She'd be like "Why do you want me to pretend I don't love you? ARE YOU EMBARRASSED OF ME?"