Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Sorry Juliette. I haven't felt like drawing lately. So this is all you get!

For Thanksgiving I went down South to visit the boyfriends family. I had a nice time and gained a million lbs :/ I really need to lose weight. But anyway here are some pics from the trip

Pics from inside the plane!

And one of the old malls we used to frequent. They had it all decorated for Christmas :D

Then we wanted to eat at this yummy Italian place but it had closed :( so we tried what replaced it and didn't regret it *___* First we got a dish with Lime shrimp and tequila! God booze is food is so delicious D:

Then they gave us free tortillas with Honey Chili butter :0 yum yum!

And they also had a chip and salsa bar so we tried all the salsas! My favorite was the chipotle one :9

After that we stopped at Micheals and they had boxes on sale for 3 for 5 so I bought some blue and brown ones! Yey!

Right now I am enjoying these:

And here is a pic of one of my kitties: Gnocchi is such a terror but hes so sweet and cute. How can I ever stay mad at him when he looks at me like that?

I recently bought these so I could paint them and dress them in lace and things :D They are so cute. I need to buy some nice acrylics to paint them!


Acrylicana is... said...

OH that food looks delicious. All of it. nom nom nom.

I cannot wait for your Tamos :D

RoyalScandal said...

ooh yummy food :Q it's making me hungry. I love your drawing she looks so cute *u*