Monday, August 22, 2011

The wonderful world of Liz

Last weekend I got to spend time with cutie MissAlphabet! :D We chatted about tons of things, ate tasty foods, went clothes browsing, and she showed me her magic sewing abilities *u*

She had a milliiiiionnnnn wonderful things inside her place D: I was so Jellies! But it inspires me to decorate my own place!

All her pretty Jewelry!

Cute pillows!!!!

More cute stuff *__*

Adorable top!

locketship :D

more fun stuff!

Dollhouse *O*

So cute! :D

I want one ;3;


Pretty collage ;_;

wahh I want to make my bathroom pretty!!

I helped her cut out some hearts so she could make these cute bows :D I like helping!

When one of her sisters had a baby they made this: (And I think its pretty great XD)

She took me to Hobby Lobby and I have never been to one! IT WAS WONDERS UPON WONDERS!!!!! I wish I could have just taken pictures of everything but these were my favorite things:

Almost everything was 50% off too u______u ugh! Want all!

The last day I was there we went out to lunch at this cute diner place! Look at how cute!

And I got this delicioussss chicken burger!

And I also got to see her sew a dress in like 30 minutes!!!! I could not believe how fast she made it D: I was AMAZE!! You can check out ALLLLLL the lovely things she makes here in her Etsy shop!!! Everything she creates is magical! Throw your money at her!!! xoxoxoxo

I stole this top from her *3* I love it soooo much! So now I'm going to draw her a million things! (I got the scarf from her Beverlys!)

And we went to help her friend find some cute clothes at Ross??? and I saw this D: its so cute!!! Gunna use it for patterns so I can make similar things!

And thats it :D Hope we can have another play date! I had lots of fun and Liz is super duper nice and fun and smart!