Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ajas cute

Recently got to visit one of my favorite people ever Ajababycakes and we had a lot of fun and even tho she was sick part of the time I really just enjoy being around her. Even when shes in pain and throwing up shes still nice to me and makes sure I'm happy and comfortable. I love her a whole lot! Kinda going through withdrawals just writing this! I get to see her again soon though soooo I'm not too heartbroken.

ANYWAYSSSSS I go to San Jose to visit her and we stay in her parents mini house in the back. And we listen to girly music and talk about dumb shit! I got there last thursday and we went to get Indian food! It was super tasty!

I bought 1 dollar eye shadow from Sallys and it makes me feel like a mermaid!

Ajas nails were so cute! She spackled black water color on yellow nail polish! So I had to take picsssss

I like taking pics of my friends!

Then Aja got sick and died.

We just stayed in and watched movies all day! I really love How to train your dragon and whip-it. And while she was napping I watched the new thundercats! I really liked it! It took me awhile but now that I know WHO DOES LION-O'S VOICE I AM SO WEIRDED OUT! Totally Eric Matthews on boy meets world!! SO WEIRD!

The next day we went out to the dog park for a bit so I put my hair in little drills! It was really hard getting a good pic of them.....

She had drill hair too!

as the picture says

pics of us togethereeee

Then Ajas cousin came by from Michigan with her 2 friends and we all took the Bart to San Fran! I had never taken the Bart before! Now that I know how I'm gunna do it AGAINNN. My ears just feel horrible when it goes through tunnels x__x

Ajas cousin is the red head <3 Her name is Becca and shes so nice and cute! The guy in the striped shirt is David and the other is Zack! They were all very chill and I fun to be around!

We stopped off at China town and looked around a bit. I'd like to go back and browse more! The buildings were great tho!



Neat things in the window~

We all ate at this place and it was okayyyy. Not terrible but we totally got sucked into a tourist trap and then they conned us into not paying separate checks by forcing free ice cream on us. It was lame!

Aja looks unamused but look at her cute earring!!!

Cute becca

Then we walked over by the ferry. Took some ever-so-popular jumping photos. Everyones so cute!

Then just Aja!

Cute mini boat!

Zack and David while we're riding homeeee

cigarette graveyard outside the train station o__o

anddddd we managed to stop by Angelic pretty and I saw this and needed to have it!!! I'm so in love with it and can't wait to wear it! Its a hair clip and you can also pin it on your clothes!

My buddy Milo. I love when he crushes me with his weight and forces himself on my lap. It just melts my heart. Especially because hes a huge grump and growls at me whenever I come over. Then he remembers he likes me and is my best friend in the world!

And the kittens! Best kitty ever. This time he leaned his butt on me while I was lying on the bed with my laptop. Then he got up for half a second just to sit ON MORE OF ME. He wasn't sitting on me ENOUGH!

And these are things I've been kind of working on! I don't really have a lot of time. I've been busy with a million things!!!!!!!

I found a tutorial on how to make wallets and I made it too big:

So I fiddled around with the pattern and made a smaller one! (It needs a button)

Food stickers!

And Halloween stickers :)

And giant poster board has been my new obsession!! I love big art ;_; I used sharpie poster paint for the inking! I plan to cover her tail in glitter!!

And also these pretty things with my art slapped on!

And my moms girlfriend gave me some brush bags! They're my colors~~~~

Thats it! I also went to the local fair recently and will post about that later!