Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Needles in me

ok actually only one needle. But its a funny sounding title! Got to hang out with my little Aja daughter again recently. So happy I get to spend so much time with her! We ate yummy foods, watched that monkey movie and had fun bleaching hair bonding time. But most importantly E.R. adventures!

I have lots of doodles explaining our adventures!

Aja made these awesome shirts so I wanted to make one too! Mine isn't too exciting tho :D hers are all graphic design and amazing! Here's one:

But I did a pony. It isn't finished but yea.

While we were at Michaels getting supplies I saw these cute things. Their eyeballs make me laugh...

I like taking pictures of her in her cute outfits :Q

A long time ago Aja drew me these! So cute TuT

And I asked her to draw me some pones so she did! I love them all so much *O* (I hope she makes a Unicorn shirt COUGHCOUGH)

Well I was in the middle of modifying one of her shirts to fit her like a dress and well....I had a booboo.

It was pretty fantastic. Because It was just sticking in there enough for me not to be able to pull it out. And I was so going to pull the fucker out myself :I I even used nail clippers to grip it and it would NOT pull. So off to the E.R. we went because you know I don't want to die from infection or some crap? I like living. But it made me so mad because I don't have the money to pay for the hospital bills. I can only pray they will bring the bill down because I have no insurance. :\

ANYWAYS. Me and Aja drew doodles about my tragic story!

I drew these:

And she drew these:

The doctor and nurse were insanely nice and that's all I ever really ask for. I was horrified not knowing if they were going to have to cut it out or poke it through the top or I'd have to get stitches or you know have them not use lidocaine at all while they pulled out a giant sewing needle from my sore finger???? But Aja kept laughing at me because I was so chill about the whole thing. The only time I squealed was when the nurse started to PUSH INTO THE WOUND with his medical pliers...and I was like YEAH I ALREADY TRIED THAT KIND OF TIP THAT DIDN'T WORK PLZ DONT DIG A BIGGER HOLE INTO MY SKIN. So he finally called in the doctor to look at it and they gave me Lidocaine. Which supposedly burns? But it thankfully didn't feel like anything for me D: Maybe my finger was in too much shock? I dunnnno. Thank god tho! I was all bracing for 20 second pain...but all it did was make my finger fat and nubby. Also I didn't look at them digging it out but it didn't take too long! Then we went home and sang Bohemian Rhapsody badly in the car.

Also it like took a day and a half for the lidocaine to finally wear off. I had a numb fingggg.

And that was my first horrible sewing machine accident. I hope that never happens again :[ I've heard horrible stories where the needle goes into peoples eyes....

And here are some other comics:

Aja and I were talking about high school and we just couldn't think of the word...(Burn)

I helped bleach Aja's roots and she wiggled like this:

Aja's at-home pup Milo (my cute grumpy buddy) really craves attention since his owners have a new baby and don't give him much attention~

Milo and Pancake~ cutiesss

Pancake is Aja's lovebug and look at how sweet that face is!

And the Kittens. Who is the sweetest cat ever.

Andddd those were our fun adventures! Forgive my horrible handwriting...

Other things:

I'm starting to finally enjoy Adventure time. I love Earl! Right prebos?


That's it! Hope you guys are having a nice summer :)