Monday, May 30, 2011

Fanime 2011

Woah ok so yea I did really nice this year! I never sell out of things and I did this year! So that made me feel really nice. I got a bitchin new printer! An Epson Artisan 725! And well its amazing. Sooo amazing. And under 200!!! But yea I had so much fun with friends and we drew lots of fun things!! I got to see my Msh and Aja too!

So heres a pic of my booth!!

And cute people I took pics of!

THE BEST KURAGEHIME COSPLAY EVER OMG. She made everything herself!! And the Clara she made had bubbles inside!!! SECRET COMPARTMENT! I was SO AMAZE. And she was so sweet too ;__; I wanted her to be my friend!

OMG I was all whyy does..this look so familiaOOOOHHH!! Its one of the posters in the Haunted mansion that scrolls down and reveals HORRIBLENESS :D I love her little balloon alligator prop haha!

A cutie pie! Loved her whole outfit~

SonSon!! ;; This girl was so nice!

Pokemans battlin it out...They must have been so hot...

Gwendolyn *u* In her pretty princess outfit<3 ahhhh swoon

Pyramid head and hot nurses for good measure!

K now....I really dislike pinky pie...But this girl was so nice and so adorable and like sat at the table right across from me. How could I not love her?

She commissioned me to draw her and her friend! it was a lot of fun. I really liked their cute outfits!

Awesome outfit *u*

Cute Rori.

Gifts/trades from awesome peeps~!

Msh drew me the most amazing Flapjack fanart because shes the best person.

And my new pal Nicc drew me my Chanterelle!! *u* so pretty!!

He also drew this cute little doodle of me and Msh ;_;

Doodles Msh and I did. Can you tell who did what???? lolol

This one is my fave....

They were inside Niccs sketchbook! Msh, Nicc, Myself and Momos

I told Alex to draw Momo some hot sexy demon ladies and he drew these babies!!

I love shark teeth *3*

And I got to meet SUPER TALENTED Mira Aka amazinggirl! She was so cute and she drew me this because she knows I like Kuragehime ;__; And she wrote a sweet little note with it! TEARSSOBS

Talentface Kylie drew me a little unicorn doodle ;v; its so cuteeeSOOCUTEE

Oniko came by and gave me a cute Kyubey button ;v; ahhh

And I stole this poor lil broken Kyubey from the nicest girl ever! And she gave me a pretty moleskin she Goccoed up *_* ahh how I want a Gocco!!! And she lives in San Fran! SO CLOSE!

Amber gave me this little paper star :D

And Holly gave me a cute carousel sticker and puffy cloud ring! I love how thick the cloud ring is *u* I want to eat it. So sweet of her to give these to me!!! I bought stuff from her Etsy before!

wahhhhh I got to meet Sarah stone ;_; AKA most talented person ever! I stole this print from her! SO PRETTY

And fun times with the friends! I miss everyone so much! I had such a good time meeting new people and spending time with old friends.

Bribs giving me the evil eye.

And her enjoying her Indian food.

Alex totally turning into a dragon at dinner.

Them making cute faces! Look at those cute faces!!!!

Nicc being nice and smiling for the camera and Msh....trying to dodge me....BUT I GOT HER ANYWAY!!!! HOHOHOH

Bribs pretty damn happy her Sushi got there.

Bribs...trying to flirt with me. (Its working)

Bribs had pretty make up >:0 So I snapped a pic!!! (Its sugarpill yum!)

Bribs didn't want me taking a pic of her booth because shes the meanest person in the whole world. :( WHOLE WIDE WORLD

She had pretty business cards!

Cheap goodies we scored *O*
I found this ADORABLE Nia. I really liked Nias character design but I never like any of the toys they have made for her. But this one ...oh I needed it *_*

A NAOTO ; ; omgg its so tiny and cute!!!

Momo got Elizabeth! ALSO CUTE

MAMESHIBA!!!! Hes filled with beans. (Yo dawg)

And Cherubi!! Look at his little stem buddy. Hanging there all cute.

And these are pics I did for the program guide~

So I had a very nice time with lovely people and I'm sad its all over. But I am happy to be with my cat babies again. And its nice to be able to sleep again. Sleep is nice.

OH AND I also got to see other awesome peeps too but I didnt get pics so I LOVE YOU GUYS TOO! OF COURSE!!! :D