Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aja had a birthday

Went to San Jose recently to spend time with my beloved daughterpants Aja for her Birthday.

I got there in the afternoon and we went and had yummy Indian buffet. Then we went to the mall and walked around and put makeup samples all over my hand. I was super glitter town. Ke$ha would have been proud.

We stopped at Claires and they had Monster High stuff!!! I bought a keychain and turned it into a necklace :D AND it was on sale! 3 bucks for this cutie!

Theres a little kiddy area in the mall and I saw this: (Just thought I should share)

Then we went back to her place and I fell in love with her kitty. He is the SWEETEST kitty ever. Even sweeter than YOUR cat. I've met all your cats. I can prove it.


He will just let you pick him up. And cuddle him. And he likes to sleep with you. And he meows so loud and its so cute and annoying and he bit my toes.

Milo is my best friend! Hes been so lonely with the new baby in the house that he gives me all of his love. I will gladly take it. I enjoy when he sits on me.

Aja and her pop-pop awww

We watched Kick-Ass on netflix which I really enjoyed!

Then the next day we made cute little bentos! And had a picnic!

Aja's bento: cauliflower, tomatoes, garlic, salad, pasta salad, Japanese fried chicken, watermelon, apples, soy sauce eggs, asparagus with bacon.

My bento: kimchi with asparagus, rice, Japanese fried chicken, lime, pasta salad, watermelon, apples.

I got my bento box for Christmas and finally got to use it! Its a piggy! And I also figured out how to use all 3 parts XD

Our view was so pretty *_*

her cute pup Pancake came with us

We were up real high~

The next day we got up and went to the mall to see Pirates4 which I really liked! I feel like there was something different and off about Jack? Not sure what but I still really enjoyed the humor, characters and story. I REALLY enjoyed Blackbeard holy shit. And the mermaids of course!!!! And Penelope *_* There were a couple parts that were bad in that "that's not possible" way but you know its a movie about magical pirates so...Also I thought the VERY end was a little rushed. But overall I don't really see why everyone is giving it SUCH bad reviews.

Before the movie started we stopped by Daiso. BEST STORE EVER. I bought cute things from it u___u everything is $1.50 EVIL TEMPTRESS!!!!!

Adorable mugs:

Adorable plate:

Adorable kitty bowl:

I saw this and had to buy it for a friend!

My Aja is such a cutepie. I wish I could have taken more pictures of her cute outfits. She's so stylish~

Oh also she bought this necklace for me for my birthday last month and I blinged it up !!! *__*

Her dad and step mom took us to dinner the night before I had to leave~ yey free food!!!

Wonderful salad! Blue cheese and candied walnuts

Lemon pepper chicken pasta:

And souffle~ MMM

Fun times! I had such a good time and I'd be super duper sad that its all over T___T BUT I get to see her again this week at Fanime :D YEEEYY

I recently did this too! Very happy with how it came out! Its available on Etsy~

And these necklaces are available too~

That's it :D Hope everyone has a good week! And if you're going to Fanime please stop by! I don't bite! Light nibbles maybe...but nothing that will leave a scar! xoxoxo