Thursday, December 16, 2010

vacation home & gifts

Some people have been really sweet this month and sent me gifts in the mail. Just know that if I were rich I'd spoil you all rotten!!!!

Adorable Jess sent me a really cute Christmas card she made!

and a cute cupcake luggage tag that made her think of me! T_T people are so thoughtful.

Then my friend Brittles bought me this awesome shirt from Threadless! GO RHINOCHANS GO!

She totally surprised me and it fits perfectly! *3*

And my wonderful friend Calli also sent me a pretty Xmas card because she is sweet as sugar!!

AND ALSO my friend Mary made me a dress up doll for my character ALALA *O* I can't make it work on my blog so you must travel here instead: SHES SO AMAZINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! *_*

And I forgot I ordered these earmuffs from Yume :D And they fit perfectly! AND THEY ARE SO SOFT!

Then I got to visit one of my best friends the last week. She drove down from Oregon. We usually stay in the back of her parents house in this lil mini apt. We call it our vacation home!

I did her nails!

Then we went and got gyros from this place thats been featured on diners drive ins and dives called Falafel's drive in. It was pretty good! Their hummus was really yummy and Aja got a Root beer freeze that tastes like a Root beer float! YUM!! Only way I'll put Root beer in my mouth.

Then we drove around for a long time on a Bevmo location adventure. Her GPS kept telling us it was located in a place that didn't exist! GHOST BEVMO

Then I made Aja my model for the night! Because its my secret dream to take photos of cute girls all day and dress them up in cute outfits! But shh don't tell!

Ain't she perdy c:

The next day we got Ramen for Lunch!


Karaage MMmmm

Cute Ajapie! She looks so cute with pink nails!

The we met up with her buddy Jennie (who is adorable!) & we went to see Black swan. I loved it. Mila was my favorite part. Aja kept covering her eyes because she is a fragile flower.

look at how cute they are!

Jeneh has STYLE :D

Took photos of them at a diner we went to! I'm sneaky.

Aja is all ILL KILL U

This is what happens when I tell Aja she has to pay the check. AJASMASH

Aja asking Jennie to marry her. Jennie is embarrassed!

ALSO Aja bought me the cutest Christmas presents T_T She also got me cute undies but no pics because they are on my butt. BETSY JOHNSON socks ToT its all SO ME

ahhh love love love!!!! SO LOVE!! I seriously want to treasure them forever!!! BOWS? HOW DID YOU KNOW!??

And 1 pic of Milo. My favorite dog ever. Look at that face. HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE HIM?

Me and Aja frolicking together!

I wish I could keep her forever. At least I get to spend time with her a couple times a year. I treasure our fun times. Aja is a very sweet and loving person. She always makes me feel loved and is really thoughtful and silly and I love how laid back she is. She lets me be myself around her and I never feel judged. She loves to have fun and we both like animals and to eat and discover new things! ADVENTURE!! She is the best Christmas present :D

Yea so I've had a pretty swell month so far! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! Or December :)