Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bling and moving

Its been so long!!!! My poor baby blog has been neglected! I've been busy packing and working on commissions and other things so I haven't really had time to draw personal fun things or craft. But I did manage to make some jewelry yesterday. They're made from Sculpey and I just glued on some rhinestones! :) I'm so happy with how they turned out.

Then a couple weeks ago I blinged out my mirror more!

And I'm trying to make a Lolita design so I can have it printed on fabric and then make a cute skirt! Its not anywhere near done.

And this will also go on a skirt and probably a shirt too. I need to add more things to it! I'd love the skirt to be black/dark blue and have it be the night sky with little stars everywhere.

And if you watch me on Da you've probably already seen these designs. Also things that will go on shirts!

So yea I'm moving finally! Into a 2 bedroom, 2 story, 1.5 bath condo with a patio,fire place and washer & dryer. I'm so excited!! I'm allowed to paint my walls and I've been slowly painting the things I own so everything can look pretty!

Here are little cubbys that went to my computer desk that I chopped off and I'm going to glue together!

And here is what went on top of my computer desk which held my figures n things. I'm going to use it as a shelf on my wall!

This is what my computer desk looks like now without the cubbys and top thing. I'm going to paint it too:

This is what I pretty much want my computer area to look like. So I can be inspired! I'll have to find some ornate frames. I'd like my friends art to go on my wall too!

But I am so super happy I will finally be moving away from my asshole neighbor. This is the best part. I won't have to hear his loud car scraping the driveway. I won't have to hear him sing outside my window and talk to his dog like a retard or yell at the neighbors from a distance.

And I will be able to wash my clothes without leaving the house. And I'll be able to have a better place for the cat boxes to go so I'm not inhaling it every night while I sleep. They will have TONS of more space to roll around. And I will be able to BBQ if I want to :D

My landlords seem really awesome too!! I'm so happy about that. I move out on the 26th. But it can't seem to get here soon enough! I want to paint my walls and the rest of my things :) *hophop*

So thats about it for now! I will of course take pics of my new place before and after I paint and decorate! byechuuuu~!!