Thursday, August 19, 2010

San cuteface and slinkycat

Small bloggy post because she needs love. Little bloggy. Its almost your anniversary!!

Anyway I've been meaning to draw this cutie right here:

If you haven't already you should visit her blog. Its inspiring, pretty and organized. It always gives me eye gasms.

I haven't done polyvore stuff in awhile. Its so relaxing and inspiring. I need to draw myself in some of these outfits sometime so I can pretend I'm a pretty princess.

And here is a preview of a zodiac project I'm working on. I really like the colors and composition but I hate how the inking came out. Its just not how I want it to look. So I don't know if I'll fix it or just leave it. Or be uninspired and drop the project all together. Its really hard for me to do a matching set of anything. Consistency is hard.


Also I would love to do a contest on here but I need something like this that is free:

So if you know of something like this that I could use please ask others or let me know! Thank you :)