Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Well Jpop Summit came and went! I didn't sell much but I met a lot of really wonderful people and after the event I got to spend time with even more wonderful people. Sad that I didn't get to see a lot of friends I was hoping to see but THAT'S OK THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW!

I love San Fran and I love Daiso so I had to stop and get some cute things from there~ I actually found cute whipped cream for decorating things with!
I always need boxes to put my crafts in! And yey adorable molds with animal faces :D

I forgot to take pics of my booth but I got pics of adorable people that came by~

The cutest Mabel and Dipper!
Left: I FORGOT YOUR NAME ALREADY BECAUSE I SUCK ;_; Also let me know your tumblr too so I can link it here!! and her cute friend on the left!  Right: my friend Ashley and her mutated arm!
New friend! She was so sweet and dressed so very adorable. She has the perfect shade of green in her hair that I want! On Saturday night she was sitting alone inside a cafe and my friends and I surrounded her and invaded her space ;)
Left: cutie as a Lolita Cheshire Cat! Right: a real sweetie who stopped by my booth a couple of times with her Alpaca friend! I love how she accessorized it with her outfits haha.

Liz and I traded some stuff too and I think I got the better end of the deal ;D Remember to check out her Etsy later for even more stuff!

I forgot to take pictures of people but I drew some instead...

My hotel roommates were incredibly nice and I enjoy anyone who thinks I'm funny. Especially since I blurt out anything without thinking about it.....

We stayed at The Hotel Majestic and isn't it so cute?!
 The view from the bathroom!

You can visit Shelly's shop here: :D She has adorable things!
And you can visit Xavier's website here:

Also I got to hang out with Jenniecutepie who I met through my best bud Aja. She brought along her friend Andre who was super nice and we chatted about our love of cats!

I got to try Chairman Bao and it was SO delicious. nomnomnom. I always forget to take pics of the food I ate. OHWALL.

I had a super wonderful time hanging out and meeting new people. Thanks for stopping by my table and getting things and chatting with me. I'm going through friend withdrawal... xoxo