Saturday, January 8, 2011

Paintings and Gocco

I recently stumbled across this amazing thing when browsing Etsy stationery. Lots of people use/have them apparently! I really...really. reallly. REALLYYYYYYY want one. So bad I ...I just. It hurts me that I don't own one!!! Its called Gocco :D They are amazing little things that stamp anything you can fit into them! I would love to buy little blank coin purses and stamp my little unicorn designs on them or buy pretty cardstock from Micheals and make greeting cards. I mean. The possibilities are ENDLESS! I also love how you can stamp up to 50 different items without having to re-ink the thing! And how it has a carbon pen you can draw with :D CONTROL! Or if you want to use stock from a magazine or artbook you can just photocopy/xerox the page and it is magically machine usable!! :D

I think the only bad part is that the bulbs are one use. And well I'd probably have like 100 different designs >_> many bulbs.

But I mean SERIOUSLY! Look how easy it is to use and how EASY it is to make a screen! :D So much easier than using my YUDU. I mean its not as big but thats ok!

Part one!

Part two!

And there is also an Etsy video too!

I would love to sell my YUDU for one but the shipping will just cost an arm and a leg because ITS SO HUGE. But I've barely used mine and its practically brand new.

I'm also kinda worried that (since they stopped making Goccos) I will have a hard time finding supplies in the future. But it seems like a lot of people on Etsy use them? So I dunno. I found really good deals on them on Ebay but I don't really have 300 bucks ;_; ANYWAYS! Just wanted to share this AMAZING product!

I've been doing a lot of painting lately. I found tools in SAI finally that I like so.

And this ended up looking a lot like one of MissKikas works even tho thats not what I was going for XD But thats ok because her work is bootiful!

I hope you're all having a good year so far :D