Sunday, January 23, 2011

More gifts and fabric!

My friend Jackie sent me ADORABLE and thoughtful gifts for Xmas because she is sweet as sugar!!! :D Its taken me forever to finally make this post haha!

She even wrapped it ; 3; I love unwrapping gifts!!!! I'm glad it didn't get damaged in the mail!

Cute card!!

and little stocking!!

And cupcake coffins! haha :D I'm so going to take these with me when I go on "vacations" I always get a cupcake and then save it for later and this is just perfect to keep it safe!! HOW DID YOU KNOW I LIKED CUPCAKES???

And she sent along cupcake cups too! :D

I made chocolate cupcakes with them :9 with salt on top!


Also I made a skirt :D I'm very happy with how it came out. There are mistakes but hopefully someone will buy it and give it love. I have to list it sometime this week.

Which inspired me to order more fabric so I can make more skirts!

Isn't it pretty? *-* They're from Japan!

I got a new sewing table. I really wanted this one I saw at Ikea but I found this one cheaper at Joanns :D it totally folds on the sides so I can shove it away and make it smaller when I'm not using it!! I really love it *_*

Also my friend Jess made me WONDERFUL Juliette fanart!!!! *___* Its so cute!!!! I love the outfit so much ;_; and the phone and colors!!! I need to draw her in this dress someday!! P.s I totally want that phone!!!!!

And recent things that are in my Etsy shop!! :)