Monday, June 4, 2012

Mini Aja Vacay

I got to see my adorable Ajaface the other day. She's one of my best friends and I always have a really nice time when we get together. Her mom was house sitting a really beautiful house in Danville so Aja invited me over to go swimming & hang.

The view was soooooo pretty!!

And the house was so cute *____* I want to be able to afford something like this some day! Apparently the owners bought it in the 70s! But the wood floors and layout were so wonderful.

I love the back yard!

Also the dining room had a wall sized window and the light shining in was so nice! This would be perfect for my work space ;___; (the view above is what you can see from said window)


Scary wolf!

Pretty wallpaper!!!

Aja being cute! YEY WATER

Cute Pancake

Aja's mom made us breakfast! I wish I could eat bacon every day ;o;

Aja after our swim times

A cute coaster!!

ALSO Aja brought my Xmas presents along with her and she got me the cutest stuff ;o; !!



Cute stationery!!!

Paper cakes ;  ^  ; I want to make them but I ALSO DON'T WANT TO MESS THEM UP! But omggg so cuteeeeeeeee.

And that's about it :) I always miss Aja a lot when I'm home. I wish we could teleport to each other more often :( I LOVE YOU AJA.